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    Hey fellas. I live in Canada and I was up front with my doctor and told him I was preparing for a cycle and I wanted pre cycle blood tests. He flat out refused it saying we don't get involved in that type of stuff. I live in Vancouver so I was wondering if there are private labs to get bloods done. I looked at naturopaths but they charge through the roof. Are there any online alternatives? I need help people. Have anyone dealt with this problem? Thanks guys.
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    I really like the health care in Canada but this bullshit of not being able to test your own blood if and when you want is not acceptable!
    I have used bloodtestscanada but it's not available in BC.
    It's expensive too!
    You rather have to suck it up and pay naturopath or try a walk in clinic like some suggest
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    Second the naturopath. My benefits from work covered 80% of the costs. I ended up paying 100 or so for it
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  4. So, it costs one of these god awful looking plastic bills or "notes" if you will? :D

    Just playing. i think it's pretty cool actually. i mean, c'mon, it's water proof. Unlike our paper/cloth money that is no match for my washing machine. :mad:

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    Yeah I will try the walk in clinic first. But I also think my doctor doesn't have a clue about steroids. I asked him to supervise my cycle with prebloods, mid cycle bloods, and post cycle bloods. I have my cycle but I'm worried my hcg might be expired. When I have time I will post a pic of it. But I mentioned about hcg for proper HPTA function and he left the room for a few minutes and comes back and is like so tell me about hcg and HPTA. So I don't think he has a fucking clue.