Blood Work Available: Let's Explain Prolactin

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by FiftyShadezOfOrange, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. FiftyShadezOfOrange

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    Hello folks!

    So I've recently decided to do as much lab work as possible to try and figure out what my optimal hormone levels are, as I get extremely flat any time my estrogen / prolactin go off a small range, no matter what other AAS i'm on.

    First test results are from May 17, I was running:

    Test E 300mg/wk
    tren A 150mg/wk
    adex 0.75mg/EOD
    Caber 0.25mg/E4D
    Here are the results:

    As you can see, my prolactin was near 0, and my estrogen was still too high which explained why I was feeling flat then.

    Anyway fast forward to today (June 10), I've come off everything and been cruising since then (about 4 weeks) at:

    Test E 152mg/wk
    Adex 0.5mg/2x week (Sun & Thurs)
    Here are the results:

    My prolactin jumps 13 points above normal range in just 3 weeks on a small dose of test? Also shows that Adex 0.5mg/2x week isn't enough to keep the estrogen below max range.

    This confirms Dr Scally's statements that a) Trenbolone isn't a strong progestin and b) testosterone increases prolactin by as much as Deca.

    Also confirms that pharmaceutical caber is strong as a mofo. I'm planning to hop on pct soon to try and come off everything cause I fear a gear dependency is strongly developing. But to optimize these levels now I'm planning to add:

    0.25mg cabergoline 1x / week and run it through my PCT (which will include hcg, nolva, clomid, and aromasin)
    Use Aromasin at 12.5mg EOD for first 2 weeks of PCT, then 2x week for the remainder of PCT.

    What do you experts think? Any other thoughts? Also any thoughts on the 'real danger' of my liver and cholesterol values? And means to reduce them without more drugs?

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  2. brutus79

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    Bro. You aren't an addict- you are obsessive compulsive. First- prolactin is an insignificant marker to follow for men. It's all about the estrogen. Being so over sensitive to what you perceive are symptoms and issues I recommend dropping the caber (pointless drug) and staying away from tren altogether. As far as your pct- I hope you aren't running all of those things at once? And if you aren't adding an aromatizing steroid and you only run hcg at the beginning of pct you have no reason to run an AI like that.

    Some days a person just feels flat. Sometimes when you pump hormones and chemicals into your body you feel like shit, and sometimes you feel great. Getting bloods every time you feel different and attributing it to this or that is overkill and misleading. Run a standard test only cycle in the future and do a short hcg blast cycle at the end with clomid and nolva after. Don't overthink what you are doing trying to feel perfect every day.
  3. FiftyShadezOfOrange

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    I’d respond but saying prolactin is an insignificant marker for men disqualifies you.

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    If you know so much why are you posting questions? Just tell us what the problem is doctor! You thinking prolactin is significant proves you have a PhD in broscience... and I knew you were going to have some smart ass response- anyone who says they pin 152mg of test is a complete fool. Maybe it's the extra 2 mg that's getting you down bro... when you are sucking dick for a vial of test due to your ped addiction- blame the 2 mg of test. It put you over the line bruh
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    @Dr JIM
    this man needs a prolactin protocol. Help him with his terrifying issue with the horror of prolactin.
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  7. You suppressed PRL with Caber. Of course it's going to rise after you discontinue it. Just like E2 will rise after suppressing it with an AI.

    Your body is trying to regain a balance after you threw it off with all the drugs. There's nothing unexpected or out of the ordinary here.
  8. johntt44

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    ^^ This man hit the nail on the head!
    I bought caber the 1st time I cycled tren but never needed it. My prolactin is always in the lower end of range no matter whether blasting or on trt. I swear there are a bunch of oversensitive, chicken little, hypochodriacs on here sometimes. Some days you feel better than others, lifes cyclical, you dont need to add drugs to your body everytime youre moody, tired, sensitive, imaginary itchy nips, etc. Sometimes you just have to walk it off Buttercup. You cant be feelin' flat at the office, the guys around the watercooler will mock you! For Christ's sake....
  9. Morefyah

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    There’s been a lot of hypochondriac posts lately! Like the kid that wants to control his E2 from a 125mg wk trt dose of test by pinning 18mg of Cyp everyday. Lol some crazy posts around here recently.
  10. Test_Subject

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    Why are you even using caber? You're throwing in variables that don't need to be present.

    What is up with all of the paranoid posts lately? People taking drugs to control the effects of drugs to control the effects of drugs. It's insane.
  11. Havah

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    Those prolactine levels are usually asymptomatic and DO NOT justify the use of any kind of d2 agonist
  12. That extra 2 mgs is where "the magic happens."
  13. Oldschool

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  14. Dr JIM

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    Haven’t you heard MORE IS BETTER. :)

    Some NEVER learn!
  15. Dr JIM

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    Yea and you’re a damn fool, STOP CYCLING!
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  16. FiftyShadezOfOrange

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    Man you should get that roid rage checked out plus I’m pretty sure you have something stuck up your ass. No ones forcing you to comment on my question lol so... go find something better to do
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  17. FiftyShadezOfOrange

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    That makes sense thank you for that info
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  18. FiftyShadezOfOrange

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    The ‘extra’ 2 mg is just the math from pinning every 3 days if that helps you relax about it I’m glad :) holy shit if I knew it would throw everyone off I would’ve rounded down goddamn lol
  19. Dr JIM

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    Oh I’m thinking Brutus was most concerned about you lactating
    with such a high PRL level.
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  20. FiftyShadezOfOrange

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    Doc where am I suggesting more drugs or more is better? If anything my cycles are on the much lower end of the dosing spectrum if you’ve managed to read... And I clearly simply asked if I should add caber or not. If anything I’m all for doing nothing about it.

    Wise words doc