Blood work, need advice :(

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    Screenshot_20181129-162854.jpg Well as you can see I have some high numbers.

    Concerning hematocrit and rbc, I already donated a few weeks ago and my numbers are still high.

    My cholesterol and triglycerides are also very high.

    Everything else looked good so I didn't bother to upload the other page.

    What should I do about these numbers?

    My last cycle was:
    750 test cyp
    600 npp
    900 EQ

    Ran that for 8 - 10 weeks and dropped everything about 8 weeks ago because my schedule got hectic.

    Been running 250 test since then until 2 weeks ago. Been running about 180 since then.

    Any advice is appreciated.
  2. TideGear

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    Side note: I was not fasted for the test so that skewed the numbers some.
  3. janoshik

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    Well then you can ignore the triglycerides and blood cholesterol and learn how to fast before the goddamn test.

    Drain another pint of your blood and you are good to go.
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    How old are you?

    Were you properly hydrated before the test?

    If you keep having high RBC even long into the cruise and you won't be able to get it down even after letting blood, point it out to a doctor. But imo it's just that you were running equipoise. That stuff stays up in blood for a while and the decrease in RBC ain't instantaneous either.
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  5. TideGear

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    Didn't plan on getting blood work. I went because I felt a cold coming on and while I was there I requested it but had already ate breakfast. The nurse practitioner that I saw said he didn't think my breakfast was enough to raise the tris and cholesterol to those levels. I really didn't think I was being that irresponsible with my aas use. Liver and kidney numbers are good. Everything was good except these things. BP, pulse, and blood oxygen all were g2g.

    I'll be 36 in 3 months and idk about hydration. Been drinking more booze and coffee than water lately.
  6. Dr JIM

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    Seriously what did you expect normal values after such a heavy cycle fella. I should also point out your H/H values are within range and are in fact NORMAL

    Oh coffee and booze in particular, can result in volume depletion with the net effect being a spurious elevation in H/H

    Why did you obtain labs of this nature UNLESS unexplained symptoms developed or you had baseline values for comparison

    Non-fasting labs do not impact H/H but certainly can influence BS and lipid values.

    Once again baseline levels are needed for comparison

    Bottom line; cease cycling at such high dosages and repeat the labs THREE months after the longest lasting AAS has been metabolized.

    In this case EQ has the longest half life, approximately 14 days!

    Since seven half lives ensures complete clearance, we are talking THREE more months from NOW before a diminution in your H/H would be expected, not withstanding the influence of your current Test run.

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  7. TideGear

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    Thanks man but what are H/H and BS values?

    And the reason for getting tested was just bc I was already there and figured that getting the tests was the responsible thing to do.
  8. Dr JIM

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    H/H = hemoglobin/hematocrit

    BS = blood sugar = glucose

    Have you any baseline labs to compare to?

    Contrary to traditional forum speak and practice, labs are rarely of much utility in the absence of signs and symptoms esp in folk who are otherwise healthy, and even if S/S develop the treatment is relatively straightforward stop cycling.

    And to be frank, an unwillingness to discontinue the elective use of these agents once side effects develops is THE reason many physicians opt to avoid those who use these drugs.

    Nonetheless provisos aside, bc the fund of knowledge required to *appropriately interpret labs is considerable, ad-lib lab draws on behalf of most cyclists tends to do little more than confuse and complicate matters IME

    *and this is extremely difficult for someone like myself who is trained bc the annymous nature of a PED format and the limited info provided by members, which starts with an accurate AGE (On a historical basis I know the overwhelming majority of Meso members, esp the newbies, are less than 30 yo

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  9. TideGear

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    No I don't have any baseline labs. This is my first time getting the lipid panel. Your input makes sense. I kinda figured I just needed a break. I just wanted to see if there were some natural remedies to help get me back to even.

    Idk how much things like fish oil will help or if something like cardarine would do much.

    But anyway thanks for the lesson.
  10. Dr JIM

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    Don't mean to bust your balls fella but for other members a reminder is in order; OBTAIN BASELINE LABS since that is the most important/responsible thing to do before running AAS

    Only order labs if you know what your looking for based upon signs and symptoms and at least have an idea about how to interpret the results of those tests obtained,

    And avoid a shotgun approach of "getting everything" which invariably leads to confusion, or worse yet inappropriate treatment and the development of NEW drug related complications.

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  11. TideGear

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    Well since it's too late for that what would you recommend as far as getting a baseline? Could I just take the 3 month break and then use a blood test at that point as my baseline?
  12. Dr JIM

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    Good question that largely depends upon your age and cumulative AAS exposure, as in weeks, months or years.
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