Blood work taken ~30 days after 12 week cycle

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    Hey there guys, I had a little concern of mine regarding my numbers after my cycle.
    My cycle was as follows:
    Test E @ 400 MG/ wk 1-12
    hcg @ 500 iU wk 3-13
    aromasin @ 12.5mg EoD

    Stoped HCG 1 week prior to SERMs
    clomid 50/50/25/25 14-18
    nolvadex 40/40/20/20 14-18

    Product was Pharmacom Labs Test E & Aromasin from them as well.
    The PCT and HCG were all pharmaceutical grade from a pharmacy.

    I have attached images of my prior cycle results (Waited about 5 months since the cycle before this)

    And my 4 weeks pct image was taken 1 month after finishing my PCT cycle.

    Unfortunately I made a stupid mistake and never got baseline bloodwork when I was fully natural, I got my first blood work done after 2 runs of SARMs runs, so I never knew what my real natural levels were.

    The thing is, I feel great again in the gym, my pumps are back to normal and my strength and energy/libido have came back in full force. The only reason for this post is to get advice on whether I should possible consider cruising on low dose of 100mg a week to combat my low test.
    I'm 75% confident I have secondary hypogonadism as I have low FSH/LH along with low TT.
    I already started doing research and speculated that I have Secondary hypo on my first cycle, but after seeing my bloodwork on the 2nd cycle, it's reassuring me even more.
    I've heard of successful restarts but they're far and few between.

    I think since I feel completely normal even with what's considered "low TT", I should just wait 5-6 months, get blood work again, if the numbers match these, then these are more than likely the extent to where they'll get, and from there I can just decide to run another cycle or just cruise or stay natural altogether. I know that cycling will not help my situation but if I'm going to remain low test anyways, well, fuck it.

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    @Michael Scally MD @Dr JIM
    Hey docs, any chance I could get your professional opinion? Much appreciated, kinda sucks no one is replying to my post after days now :/
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    how old are you?
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    Your TT isn't that low... You don't have any baseline bloods for comparison.

    Nothing really screams secondary hypogonadism. You have no symptoms, nothing to treat except a number that's average...
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    You’ve already made up your mind and nothing is going to change that.

    But if you wanna know what your baseline TT is repeat your labs in
    3 months absent the influence of ANY drugs.

    But you know that already too, so why are you here!
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    Isn't that the truth!
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