Blood work - VERY high E2, low T, VERY low progesterone

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    Just joined, after quite long time of lurking. Hoping to receive a bit of feedback on the blood work bellow.

    The endo I visited said the results were fine, that my body liked it this way. She said my E2 was just slightly increased and as long as I haven't had issues with libido (which I haven't), there was nothing to worry about. My opinion - probable secondary hypogonadism.

    I could be more elaborate but don't want to start with a too long post. Briefly, I believe that I aromatize extremely and that the elevated E2 is inhibiting my HPTA, primarily my pituitary, resulting in low LH and high prolactin. Use of AIs and SERMs shows definite improvement.

    Quite a few questions regarding the blood work. Here are some of them...

    What could be the reason for low progesterone level? Would topical progesterone be advised?

    I am somewhat prone to bacne. Would this fact be indicative of high DHT? I am hairy, with very thick hair on my head, but receding corner.

    Since my E2 is very high, shouldn't DHT be low, or vice versa, considering the correlation between these two?

    What could be the reason for my low Free T, considering my SHBG is low as well?

    I am also carb intolerant.

    Your comments on any aspect of this blood work would be very welcome.

    Stats: 36YO, 5'6", 183lb, ~14% BF, never used AAS

    Estradiol: 106.0 (up to 56.0) pg/mL DOUBLE OF HIGHEST NORMAL!!!

    Total T: 15.8 (9.4 - 60.1) nmol/L

    Free T: 13.1 (4.5 - 42.0) ng/L

    SHBG: 17.1 (13.0 - 71.0) nmol/L

    FSH: 3.64 (0.7 - 11.1) mIU/mL

    LH: 1.96 (0.8 - 7.6) mIU/mL

    hsTSH: 0.898 (0.4 - 4.0) IU/ml

    Free T4: 17.0 (11.5 - 22.7) pmol/L

    Prolactin: 333.0 (53.0 - 360.0) mIU/L

    Progesterone: 0.735 (0.86 - 2.9) nmol/L

    Thank you very much!

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