Bloods came back, that sucks.

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  1. Hey all, just got some bloods back... not fun
    T levels are nothing to write home about, check out the Thyroid.... yeah

    I'm thinking Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?

    My question... if someone obviously brighter than me could chime in...

    What does this mean for my GH cycling?
    AND steroid cycling?
    There isnt exactly a plethora of information in regard to PEDs and autoimmune disorders available. Screenshot_20190808-131034_Chrome.jpg

    Obviously I understand that I have to cut sugars and starchy carbs out completely

    Before someone says "Go to your Doctor, not the internet"
    I will be 100%
    In my experience, I have found there are some excellent minds and knowledge here on Meso that a GP sometimes just cant compare to... what will end up happening is I will be prescribed yet another pill and sent on my way.

    What do you think @Michael Scally MD ?

    Hook me up with some knowledge Meso!
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    Odd I’m no doctor so take this with a grain of salt but u obviously have thyroid antibodies and it looks like hypothyroid but ur t4 and t3 are in range maybe caught it early? Tsh however is high so it’s like ur thyroid is getting massive stimulation from the pituitary to make enough thyroid hormone. Again I’m no doctor just sharing my thoughts. Regardless the fact that your antibodies are out of range is a red flag. I wonder what brought this on
  3. I have been previously diagnosed with Hypothyroidism

    The reason my T4 and T3 are in range is because I run Thyroxin

    However the supplementation hasnt brought down my TSH.

    I'm assuming the elevated antibodies are for a whole other reason... most likely Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.
    That could explain why my TSH is elevated, despite low normal T4 and T3.
    I know that GH has an effect on Thyroid and the HP portion of the HPTA.... it's just near impossible to find the correlation and effects of PEDs on Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

    The Hypothyroidism actually isnt terrible, I can go off my pills and bulk up on near zero calories lol.
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    Subbed. Hypothyroidism here as well.
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    Jeez that’s gotta be nice I have hyperthyroid symptoms so I gotta start pounding shit food when it acts up
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    What are you asking about, just your thyroid issues? Not sure aas cycling will mess anything up more with an underactive thyroid. Have you officially been diagnosed with anything?
  7. I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. yes

    Check my previous post in regard to Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

    My question is more pointed towards that particular condition.
    Long story short, it is an autoimmune disease which forces your body to attack your thyroid.

    I run HGH off cycle.
    Research points towards a direct effect of GH on the thyroid.
    Unfortunatly there isnt a huge amount of information SPECIDICALLY on Hashimoto's and GH usage.
    Nor Gear and Hashimoto's.

    This is not something that is typically studied and I am seeking information in that regard.
    I know its specific... but Meso can be a pretty enlightening place.

    EDIT: Furthermore I had to demand the bloodwork to check for the antibodies (showing the autoimmune disorder)... my faith in the Canadian medical system is almost non existant.
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    Oh ok, didn't know all that. I don't have anything really to add, sorry. I know there are a lot of threads on hgh and if t4 is really needed and all that but I'm undecided on the subject.
  9. On that matter...
    There have been a few rigorous studies that show GH injections can lower natural T4 production.

    Nothing too serious.

    I suppose it would depend on your goals.
    I only run 2iu for wellness, so I dont see a huge difference in my bloodwork.