"BLOODS" everyone yells!

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by RomanMVP, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. RomanMVP

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    So, with all the talk about getting BLOODS, "did you have BLOODS done?", "Of course you don't know shit, you never got BLOODS!", "make sure you get BLOODS done, otherwise forget it!" BLOODS - how much per year are some of you spending on bloods?? Very curious to know. It's become a fairly recent constant refrain on here.
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  2. Sharkweek

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    The panel from privatemdlabs is like $60. In terms of healthcare that might as well be free.

    $60 every 3 months, or when I think theres an issue.

    Let's call it $300/year. Seems a lot cheaper than just guessing at levels and ending up with an actual issue.
  3. Mac11wildcat

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    2x a year at $100-150 to make sure you aren’t killing yourself seems reasonable when you consider that’s like half a cycles worth of cash. It’s a common response because otherwise we’re usually guessing at solving an existing problem.
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    That's not bad, just sounds like some guys spending hundreds per year on this.
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    I cruise, so I don’t need pre and post all the time. But I do full panels for metabolic, hormone, etc. so that’s where the $150 a pop comes from. If it doctor ordered it should be cheaper.
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  6. Someone just posted about buying 4 grand from a lab they didn’t know was good or not and you think getting labs is expensive?

    People’s priorities are way to messed up in the body building game.

    Even if you spent 400$ a year on labs, it’s a Investment to do something pretty dangerous the “right” way.

    Again personally I would like to see what’s goin on before popping cancer drugs and hormones into my body that I’m not even supposed to be taking in the first place.
  7. Delt123

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    Through my doc: 25$

    Through a private lab: 59$

    Usually through my doc once or twice a year and private lab also once or twice.

    I do a test before starting a blast which is roughly twice a year.
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  8. johntt44

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    Metabolic panel, liver, kidney, etc. Twice a yr through doc, 1-2 times a yr on my own. Test, e2, etc. 2-3 times a year or more if I switch ug labs.
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  9. Mayne

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    I think it is important you do bloods before/after orals and tren especially but I agree it is blown out of proportion often, I mean I always stay in range of everything if the mentioned above are not present and I do bloods almost monthly because I am OCD about it and all the basic tests like blood panel, liver function, triglycerides, cholesterol and blood glucose add up to like $10 where I am at
  10. test>tren

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    I don't mean this in any offensive manner: If running blood work to monitor health markers is too much of an expense, then gear probably isn't something you should be doing. Gear can be taken fairly safely when everything is monitored correctly and adjusted accordingly, however, guesswork and inattention to biomarkers can lead to very serious problems that I assure you do not want.

    Basically; One person may take 700mg tren a week for months with no problems, another person may take 200mg for like 2 weeks and destroy their kidneys.

    It's just better to know what you're doing to yourself.
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    Does your Doc ever question the regular testing?
  12. RomanMVP

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    Gonna guess you're not in the U.S.
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  14. Synthetic1

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    Would any of you still cycle if you could only get a metabolic panel done. Or do bloods without testing e2, test, free test, etc....
  15. Delt123

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    In the beginning no, but he saw me getting bigger and I was basically his only patient asking for bloodwork 'to check if he is still healthy'. I used Some silly, often semi truths like I'm a bit of hypochondriac or the last one 'I want to start with accutane again but I want to be sure that I'm healthy to do so'. He saw through my semi bs (I was going to start accutane) and while crossing the squares he went 'lemme check testosterone levels too, acne can come from high testosterone'. I saw it coming tho and went 6 days after my last cruise pin
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    Yeah, I hear you. My doc got very suspicious like "so...with this bodybuilding thing you do, are you using more than protein powder?"
    So I stopped asking for bloods from the clinic. And I can't use services like privatemd, or any of the other ones because the closest collection center is at least 4 hrs. away.
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  17. test>tren

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    4 hours twice a year aint that bad, eh? Considering it is in fact your health on the line.
  18. RomanMVP

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    Nope, that's why I use Life extension.