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    250mg Test E 2x/wk
    250iu hcg 2x/wk

    This is my first cycle.

    After the first 2x wks I began taking 12.5mg aromasin 2x/wk as I was paranoid about high E2 and gyno. After 2 wks of aromasin I stopped for a wk as I felt my knees were achey and thought I may be crashing my E2 - this was a mistake. I then got bloods after 1 wk off the aromasin to confirm/deny.

    Bloods after 5wks:
    Total Test: 4150
    Free Test: >50
    LH: .2
    FSH: .2
    E2: 118!

    All other metrics were in range.

    The E2 surprised me as I didn’t think it was that high - no sides. I’m getting back on aromasin.

    How much Aromasin? I was thinking 12.5 2x/wk to bring it back down into reasonable range.

    Additionally, from what I understood the HcG should have kept LH/FSH up? Am I mistaken? Bunk HcG? Looking for any advice to get LH/FSH up.

    I have baseline bloods if needed but everything was in range.
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    The best protocol I have seen is taking the AI on injection days. I pin MWF now so I take 25 mg arosim on Monday since I pin the most stuff then.
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    12.5 EOD should be fine. It's your first cycle, stick to a routine for 5-weeks and then get bloodwork. You will need a good set of bloods to see how your body is responding.

    Btw test numbers look great for that dosage.