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    So I've not been feeling well lately. In the sense that I've not much energy, libido low, having some hot flashes, etc. Well I am 48yo, female and my last menstrual cycle was labor day 2017. Which means by labor day 2018, if I don't have a cycle, then I will be labeled "menopausal". yay for me.
    So i'm not new here. Been around for a bit.
    Been off all compounds (Var and Winny) since 3/31.

    Mostly posting this for FYI for others. I find there is little information for women and steroids out there. At least real usage and hard truths.

    Doc ran bloodwork and this is what come back as being low:

    testosterone (reason for the lack of energy, libido)
    My level was 7 ng/dL
    Reference range for women is 8-48.
    Doc said he wants to see me at 100-200, is what he recommends.
    Progesterone (symptoms include pain during intercourse, no lubrication during intercourse, increased UTI's-FYI..i don't have these symptoms at this time)
    My level was at a .2 ng/mL.
    Reference range for women is 1 or higher.
    Estradiol (Estrogen) (reason for hot flashes/night sweats)
    My level was <.5 pg/mL.
    Reference range for a woman my age range is <.6-54.7.

    I have opted to only treat libido and energy, by way of a prescription for Test Cypionate. .15 (30mg) on syringe every 2 weeks (well this is what he has prescribed for me).
    Why only treat libido and energy? Because I don't wanna mess with the other hormones right now, that is why. One is a cream (estrogen) and one is a pill (progesterone). But I don't care. I chose to only treat the energy/libido at this time, then can treat the others later if I want to.
    I can deal with the hot flashes....for now LOL.

    First injection was Wed, 8/1.
    I'm also taking Anavar.

    So my script (vial) come in the mail, as I do mail order.
    Won't be doing a "log persay". I have taken test cyp before actually. But before it was specifically for bodybuilding LOL. Now that my test will be monitored, i'll have to keep to Doc's script LOL.
    The only side I don't like is the water weight. I feel puffy, but that is also diet (spent the weekend with some friends and ate like an asshole and drank alcohol).

    Thanks all, Happy Lifting
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    any updates
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