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    I have been taking Aburaihan testosterone enanthate from Turkish Pharmacy Steroids for six weeks now.

    I am using a cruise / TRT dosage (125mg per week) before I start another cycle. I am pinning twice a week every 3.5 days subq into my glute fat.

    This blood test was taken 48 hours after a jab.

    My testosterone levels were 34.1 nmol / L (UK measurement) or 984 ng/dl (US measurement).

    I am very pleased with the result and a nice 7.9x multipler from test dose to testosterone level (984 / 125).

    I feel great with estrogen in range (125 pmol/L or 35.1 pg/mL). This is using a little bit of arimidex twice a week on jab days.

    The jabs are very smooth and cause no lumps subq. I am quite prone to lumps with subq jabs but the aburaihan testosterone does not have any BB or BA and uses castor oil.

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    wow awesome results.
    thanks for sharing