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    12 weeks into cycle all home brew from PPL raws. Blood drawn 26 hours after last shot. 700mg tren Ace / 350 mg Test Ace weekly. Last 6 weeks 1400mg Tren Ace. Was taking .5 arimidex every other day. Looks like I need more. Still almost no estro sides even with levels that high. Lipids out of control. Getting bloods again in a week.

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  2. ickyrica

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    So how much test ace did you pin 26 hours before the draw?
  3. smugface

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    Your total cholesterol is 430 and your good cholesterol is 12? Be careful.....
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  5. Morefyah

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    Have you really been doing 1400mg wk of tren Ace for the last six weeks? Or am I reading this wrong?
  6. smugface

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    No that was right. Except cholesterol and some night sweats had no other sides. Been off for almost 2 weeks. Wouldn't go that high again though.
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    I know. I am off tren almost two weeks. Those numbers are all from the tren. My diet is clean with a cheat meal once or twice a month at most. Numbers should be better next week when I get bloods again.
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    Ehhh my good chlorestrol has been 5 on much less... even taking citrus bergamont. Luckily it comes back pretty easy
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  9. bro your cholesterol ratio is 26... healthy levels are less than 4 lol. whether its gear or not, you need to manage your lipids. I would highly suggest contacting your pcp, he will probably want to put you on a statin. Ask about rosuvastatin (crestor) and atorvastatin (lipidor) both lower your risk of CV disease.
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    Another medicine to take care of cholesterol cause by using drugs? This is the problem with America lol

    try citrus bergamot at 1000mg twice a day, flaxseed in your shakes, krill oil and fish oil See if that helps
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    Not going to rush into taking something. I did see my Dr that's the only way I can get bloodwork. She knows about the gear and was ok waiting for follow up bloodwork to see if they improve. Off cycle and when cruising my lipids are good. Doing bloodwork again Monday to see where they are.
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    I already do fish oil. I will try adding the other 2 you mentioned. Thanks
  13. Fishoils help with triglycerides they will not help with cholesterol.
  14. You take meds to control E2 or progesterone while on cycle, I don't see why it seems so rogue to do the same with lipids. Maybe if CAD would cause people to be self concious the way gyno does taking a statin wouldn't seem so extreme.
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    That’s totally cool your Dr knows what you’re doing and is working with you to correct anything that’s jacked up!
    I want to talk to my Dr about it but everytime I go in and see her I puss out. Maybe next time lol
  16. Athlete127

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    You sure about that?
  17. smugface

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    I was nervous at first but just went for it on my first visit. She didn't condone it but was all for running any bloodwork I needed. Just do it next time it make it so much easier.
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  18. Dr JIM

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    With those lipids the LAST thing you need is more AAS of any kind!

    You are looking at a shorten lifespan as is and unless you have baseline values that prove otherwise I'd suggest you cease the AAS and obtain an eval/TX for familial hypercholesterolermia pronto.

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    Id like to see these levels bc the changes you attribute to tren alone are very unusual AND if they do exist drastically increase YOUR risk of running AAS.

    Mpreover if your doctor is ok with these lipids find another!
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    BC many cardiac risk factors are often asymptomatic, and is also why sudden death is the presenting sign in up to 50% of ACSVD patients, with Rich Piana and Dallas McCarver being two recent examples.

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