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    Off cycle 4 weeks (6 now but 4-5 when bloods were done) and back to HRT 200mg of test cyp per week with 100mg deca thrown on. . Previous bloods from when I was scripted 200mg test and scripted 200mg deca every week were just fine. They don't write scripts for deca anymore so I will add my own occasionally though not at all times.

    I ran a long cycle of test/deca/tren/masteron and finished with 6 weeks of winstrol (multiple phases of cycle so not all at once). Even with winstrol and tren at the same time my liver values were only slightly above range (both AST and ALT under 50 with ranges of 0-40 and 0-44). My baseline is high 20s or low 30s for each and both are back to mid 30s.

    Besides Alkaline Phosphatase everything is back or coming back and good. HDL has rebounded to my baseline levels, triglycerides are fine, and LDL is only a little higher than base but my baseline for years (no matter what I do) is lower HDL and higher LDL so looking okay.

    One thing that remains depressed is Alkaline Phosphatase (far better than being elevated from what I'm reading). Range is 39-117 and I post 45-70 typically over the years. When I ran tren a few years ago it depressed it into the very low 40s but rebounded to 70 six months later. Right now I'm sitting at low 30s and out of range (no significant rebound from bloodwork on cycle). I realize some labs have a range down to 30 but this is well off baseline for me.

    Any thoughts on this? Seems to point to malnutrition or vitamin deficiency of some kind. I was getting heartburn and using antacids regularly on-cycle and off for a while - not much now. Granted trenbolone has very powerful nutrient partitioning effects but maybe this takes longer to rebound? I googled and found no link to decreasing AP with tren and not much on heartburn.

    Thoughts are appreciated.
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    I'll bump this once. Maybe I need to post in the main forum. Any input is appreciated.

    Will be getting new bloods for new primary and specialist this coming week but the Alk P number seems slow to move. All else is good and recovered weeks ago. Just trying to understand impacts/mechanics here.

    Intent is to blast again soon but I've held back for a bit to get all medical stuff in line and updated.
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    Couldn't even begin to answer but try posting in the Steroid forum maybe? More traffic I suppose?
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