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  1. Anat

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    Hi everyone. It's my result of bloodwork.

    So, Pcom has problem with shipping, 24k and potg retired, I decided to try TD gear.

    Why only 250mg Test E because it's more comfortable for me. I've tried 500mg before and it's too much for my body.

    Cycle info:

    1-12: The Dictator Test E: 250mg/week

    1-12: The Dictator Mast E: 400mg/week

    1-7: The Dictator Winstrol: 40mg ED

    4-12: Pharmasource Anastrozol: 1mg EOD

    * bloods were taken during the 6th week of my cycle - 36hrs post injection *

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  2. RThoads

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    nice TT level on only 250mg a week! wow
    But you may want to consider donating blood for the high Hematocrit and rising RBC (better to stay on top of it for your health than risk it getting too high).
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  3. Anat

    Anat Member

    Already did it. Last time my blood with high level of TT went to Children hospital)
  4. Ophydian

    Ophydian Member

    Which TD brand was this? American Pharma?
  5. Anat

    Anat Member

    Yes, it's American pharma. It's good gear, but not good as 24K.
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  6. Medvetz63

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    What was your hematocrit at baseline, prior to starting the cycle?
    Mine was at 40 seven days after starting on March 5th.
    I’ll be doing labs again on April 24th and I’m curious at to what it’ll be then after seven weeks.
  7. Ophydian

    Ophydian Member

    I’ve been using it for sometime.
  8. AnTabolic73

    AnTabolic73 Member

    The dictator, from anabolic board
  9. Morefyah

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    I’m shocked you E2 isn’t completely crashed taking 3.5 mg of adex ew for only 250mg Test. Your adex might be fake or underdosed or your Test might be eally overdosed, either way that’s a lot of adex! Plus your taking mast and winny. How do your joints feel?
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  10. rpbb

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    masteron does that to me as well. Not a fan of the stuff
  11. Anat

    Anat Member

    Feel great, thanks )
    About anastrozol, it's a little bit underdose because adex from PCom or ZPCH worked much better.
    Probably Test might be overdose like you said, who knows!?
  12. Ophydian

    Ophydian Member

    TD Test is dosed 300/ml so I hope you took that into account. I assume you are taking a ml a week instead of 0.8 ml.
  13. Anat

    Anat Member

    I guess Test E 300/ml is new one.
    I've old one:
  14. Testopro

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    In one of his threads on AB he said that the old vials are labeled as 250mg/ml but are dosed at 300mg/ml. The new ones are labeled at 300mg/ml.
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  15. Ophydian

    Ophydian Member

    This. They are also 12ml instead of 10ml.
  16. Naxxamus

    Naxxamus Junior Member

    Your creatinine clearance is getting a little high as well, which means your kidneys are under some stress. Yes, you're still within the normal range, but getting on the high side, just something to watch at this point.