Blue top hgh


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Has anyone had experience with blue top hgh? I've seen in recently by several different sources. They say it's 99%pure.
Are they better than black tops !?
From what I've seen, black tops that people purchase from ASF have had a good track record.

Every generic HGH company may even get a bad batch. It happened to IL 1 TIME out of about 15ish blood work panels I saw. This company is a "go-to" without a doubt, but still had a hiccup. It just happens. That's another reason blood work is so important.

Most importantly, they made it right. That's all a company can do and that shows the quality of the people behind the scenes.

Read and research and you'll be able to make a educated decision.

There "MAY" even be a thread here at Meso with top 5 HGH by a well respected member names @mands . I'm not sure though.....