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  1. BNGgrowth

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    Hello all.

    I would like to introduce BNGgrowth here at MESO. We provide a domestic source for hGH for a few popular brands. I will provide those brands over email when requested. I would not like to discuss in the free and open. We have been a private source for sometime now and see some familiar names here.

    Please contact me over PM for email.

    BNG Team
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  2. Evom1

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    This will not end well
  3. DedLift

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    Eat a dick Scammer
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  4. picholas

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    Where you lost everyone.
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  5. BNGgrowth

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    I hope it goes well for everyone needing gh.
    I have not scammed anyone. I'm sorry you feel that way.
    The reason is for safety purposes.
  6. Beano223

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    Everyone else that sources here does so in the open without compromising their safety besides the obvious risks so what makes you special ? Post your shit and answer the questions and provide proof when asked or suck a dick
  7. BNGgrowth

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    I'm not sure that's so true. I have seen sources that do not put product or price list on open forum. This is purely for safety. I am sorry I do not like dick. What proof do you need?
  8. Beano223

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    You can start with proof that you actually have product to sell.
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  9. Logan44551

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    I have actually heard of these guys from a pretty respected member here, maybe he will chime in. I haven't done any business with them so am I just saying I was referred to them by someone I respect and trust.
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  10. DedLift

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    Don't bother. If this dude was legit, he could have his own clients refer more business to him and not go to an open forum. The fact that he says he's private and came here gives him away. Just another piece of shit trying to make a buck of the stupid
  11. rpbb

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    @mands , you ever hear of this guy
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  12. picholas

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    You're the source, fuck your safety.

    What about the community's safety?
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  13. BNGgrowth

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    I do some business with some older members here yes. I will let them speak up if they want.
    I do have some clients that have referred other members here at meso sir. This is why I came here.
    I was thinking safely for all members. I am sorry if I did not type that correct.
  14. picholas

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    Well I am thinking of safety for all our members too, and like everyone else that posted said, you're going to have to post a list up.

    Or stay private.

    Can't have both.
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  15. BNGgrowth

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    Actually as I have mentioned there are other sources here that do not have price list up. They operate through message and email I assume. Is this not fact?
  16. Dohn joe

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    They may not have prices but they sure as shit have a product list. Those that do not, at the very least, provide that dont get very far.

    Not it is not fact, those people dont get business from us.
  17. Cramps88

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    I'm too tired today to even be an asshole to this poor attempt at sourcing.
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  18. rpbb

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    I got a pricelist, very interesting. I might give him a shot
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  19. MindlessWork

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    Ok this seems to be the first promising source in a while considering the comments, so will see how this plays out. Can’t most private sources ever open up for a even a short time in order to scout out more customers?
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  20. BNGgrowth

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    Just wanted to make sure member knows that we only supply hGH domestically and internationally to 0-3 zip codes. No Anabolics. I am sorry.