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Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by Miguel Hernandez, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. 21 years young
    170lbs been lifting for about 4 years, 1 year seriously

    Just need some advice whether I should continue my lean bulk or drop down to a lower body fat

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  2. Apexvallen

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    Can't reeeeeeeeeally see your abs yet. What are your goals? You want to be bulky or athletic?
    Some people like the whole idea of gaining mass and then cutting down and repeating that process again and again. Others like the idea of getting very lean and then doing a very long slow bulk with a tight control over calories and putting on as little fat as possible in that time.
  3. I just want to be in decent shape year round don’t really want to get more fat on me than I have now but would defiantly like to put on more mass . I feel like I’m too small right now to be on a cut and don’t want to sacrifice the muscle I barely have as it is
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    Dude, I do what I call performance powerbuilding(I kinda jus came up with the name). Basically I do cardio but not too much for ex. I'll sprint half a mile as fast as I can, or maintain as high of a pace on the treadmill for 6 min, squat days I'll just do bike on max resistance for 10 min. BAM there goes your performance. Then I'll hit a big compound movement for a heavy low reps. Probably finish off with singles. Then finish my workout with bodybuilding movements (accessory exercises). I couple this with intermittent fasting, where I have my eating window around my workout, while using AAS. My body composition has never been more on point, tapered waist 20 inch arms(post pump). It's the shit.
  5. Gunna give it a try thanks :)