Body fat estimate + where to go from here

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    Hey guys. Didn’t know where to post this, but I think it makes more sense to post it in the nutrition section.

    Anyways, I’ve cut from about 232 lbs to 166 lbs. Some of you may have seen my transformation thread in the other subsection.

    I’m at a point where I feel MUCH better than I did at 232 lbs, but, I’m still not happy with my physique. The lower back fat/love handles/lower belly/chest fat is really making me frustrated. I’m strong. Always been the big guy in my family. I’m 5’11-6’ and I’m not comfortable at this low of a weight (always been 200+).

    I’m not sure what to do... how much more do I cut. I don’t want to look like a twig. I also don’t want to bulk and put back on fat... I really feel like doing a test E only cycle with a lean bulk (300-500 surplus) for 12 weeks. I’ve got my diet in check as evident by my 60+ lbs lost. I’m not lazy. I workout 7 days a week and go hard every workout.

    I’m really lost as to what to do guys... my ideal physique is a men’s phsyique look. 5’11-6’ at 190-200 lbs and =<12% BF. My short term goal is 175-180 lbs with 12% bf or less...

    All advice would be appreciated.

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    No doubt AAS would change things ... but before you go there, consider some other things:

    Working out 7 days a week might be a problem depending on what you are doing. It will help one loose weight but it can cause one to loose muscle and more. Research why and here is a hint: cortisol ... and belly fat likes it.

    You may need to learn more about how to eat and exercise to reach your goal. Jumping into test before you've got this all figured out will mask things and is essentially shooting yourself in the foot. Loosing weight is way way way easier then figuring out how to gain muscle without much fat.

    You've also made a lot of changes and your body will take time to adapt. Having had middle fat, it will be more stubborn.

    Before trying AAS, get a physical and have hormones drawn. Including total T, free T (direct), DHT, estradiol, and anything else a doc will do for you. Since strength isn't a problem, you are probably fine here ... but at least get a baseline.
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    Thanks for the advice brother.

    I posted my routine below.



    Incline Bench 3-5 sets

    Flat Dumbbells 3-5 sets

    Decline Machine 3-5 sets

    Peck Deck 3-5 sets


    Deadlifts 3-5 sets

    Tbar Rows 3-5 sets

    Pulldown 3-5 sets

    Pullovers 3-5 sets

    Bent Over Rows 3-5 sets


    Squats 3-5 sets

    Leg Press 3-5 sets

    Leg Extension 3-5 sets

    Leg Curl 3-5 sets

    Calves 3-5 sets


    Military Press 3-5 sets

    Front Raises 3-5 sets

    Side Raises 3-5 sets

    Rear Delts 3-5 sets

    Shrugs 3-5 sets


    Headcrusher 3-5 sets

    Barbell Curl 3-5 sets

    Pushdown 3-5 sets

    Hammer Curl 3-5 sets

    Forearms 3-5 sets

    Repeat chest Sat

    Repeat back Sun


    Everyday if possible, 20 minutes of HIIT
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    I agree with @Old
    You are awfully light to start a cycle IMHO. Your arms look good though so maybe do a clean bulk naturally and see how much clean mass you can put on. You should be able to add 10-20 pounds naturally (1-3 years of natty lifting) before going down the AAS route.
    As a general rule of thumb I state that you should be able to squat 315 and bench 225 naturally before starting a cycle. What are your current stats right now?
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    Also you look way heavier than 166 in your pictures. I would guess you to be at 185 or more. Your arms look very big for that weight. Can you give us additional pics? At first I thought from your size in the pic that you'd be good to go on a cycle but hearing 166 makes me think that you've got a lot more Natty growth to go.
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    AAS isn't the issue. You want low bf, happens in the kitchen. If you want the physique look I would start a small cut and once you get where you want you can do a LONG SLOW bulk
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    Maybe my scale is fucked? It’s an old one... that’s what’s pissing me off... I should’ve been shredded at 166 lmao... I know I’m not skinny fat because my strength has not dropped at all. My arms/back have gotten consistently bigger from when I started. I looked “built” in a medium t shirt. I’m not some scrawny guy... here’s some more pics from 2 months before.

    1.5 months before:
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    You've got a solid base bro, you don't look like 166 at all.
    Get your bloods, post here and if it' all good get on a 500mg test cycle.
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    Thanks brother. Do you suggest a lean bulk (300-500 surplus) or to eat at maintenance when I start the 500 mg test E. Also, do you mind looking at my routine above.

    Appreciate your advice bro.
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    Your routine is fine, push, pull, then legs. You will definitely find your going to do more like 5 or 6 sets rather than 3 when you're on cycle. On chest day I do 18 to 21 sets of 10 and on back day roughly the same. Leg day I go heavy so I'm only able to bust out about 10-12 sets total. Still plenty to grow.

    I like to do 3 days on 1 day off. That day off gives me plenty of time to recover and grow. As you already know it's 90% diet so make sure you use MyFitnessPal and it is your new religion.

    A surplus of 500 is fine but you're probably going to find that you won't grow much on that. I would bump it up to almost a thousand. When your on gear your metabolism is much higher so that 500 extra is just break even basically.
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    Really appreciate all your advice brother! Been tracking calories/macros everyday using myfitnesspal for 415 days straight now.

    Quick question. Increase carbs on cycle or no? Currently getting around 190-200g protein, 180-220g carbs, the rest fats.
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    How many reps per set?

    Do you find that you are continually gaining strength thus increasing the weight you are moving?
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    Hey man.

    8-10 pert set.

    Yeah, strengths been increasing greatly (considering I’m on a cut).
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    One of your biggest issues is your program.

    What are your macros?
    What are your working weights and reps for these exercises:
    Barbell press
    Weighted chin ups

    This will tell me a ton.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    How old are you?

    Your diet is the issue. No need for AAS right now
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    My diet I would say is pretty strict in the sense that everything is tracked. My maintenance is 2700 according to myfitnesspal. I get anywhere from 1800-2200 a day after my cardio sessions.

    I get around 1g protein/lb of bodyweight.

    Carbs is around 160-200g. The rest is fat.

    HIGHRISK Member

    I could tell you were young. Please don't cycle right now .you have so much time to train natural and build a solid base.
    Maybe I misunderstood. Do you wanna cut more or build muscle?
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    I rather cut the remainder of the fat and then start a real bulk rather than bulking now and packing on additional fat.

    HIGHRISK Member

    I'm 6'2" 290lbs and my maintainece is about 3k. You sure yours is that high at 2700?
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