Body-fat Percentage and Aromatase

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    Another random question:

    Is aromatase activity, and therefore E2 level, on AAS greater when body-fat is say 15% vs. 8-9%?

    Would there be a significant difference to your E2 level at a dose of 500mgs of testosterone per week?
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    I've never specifically read any research that explicitly states this but I think most people believe the more adipose tissue, the more aromatase and the more E2. It's the basis for obesity-induced secondary hypogonadism....although even when I was morbidly obese I never had an elevated E2 so I always questioned in obesity-induced was always or only via increased aromatase.

    Now what I can't tell you is if going 10% to 15% BF is of any clinical significance with respect to other words that may only represent a small but negligible increase in E2 that is of no practical significance.

    I'm sure some others will chime in.....
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    Interesting question and I look forward to the smart people chiming in.