Bodybuilder, 34 Dies of Heart Attack ONSTAGE At Bodybuilding Contest w/video

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    Bodybuilder, 34 Dies of Heart Attack On Stage At Bodybuilding Contest


    Is Bodybuilding Healthy?

    When we think of exercise, gym and fitness, its usually all about health right? Going to the gym & workout is healthy. Keeping a strict and balanced diet is healthy. But what happens when you start going to the extremes – like hardcore bodybuilding? Does the strict diets and extreme training lead to an even healthier life? Or is it all too much for the heart to take? And what about when you start throwing in the supplements and drugs that many bodybuilders use – the answer gets even more and more muddled.

    It seems like bodybuilding is growing more and more dangerous. You see many bodybuilders are suffering from different health problems and unfortunate deaths. IFBB Pro Dallas McCarver & social media star Rich Piana are more of high profile cases, but bodybuilders on every level of the sport lost their lives.

    Now in a shocking incident, a newlywed 34-year-old amateur bodybuilder Vinayaraj in a district level bodybuilding competition being held at Mangalore city of India collapsed after he suffered a heart attack.

    The deceased bodybuilder Vinayaraj had taken part in the first round of the competition and was about to participate in the second round when he suffered an acute heart attack and fell down. He was immediately taken to a hospital, where he was declared dead.

    While all the information isn’t available at this time, it does seem somewhat suspicious that a man at 34 years of age would pass so suddenly.

    Check out the following video courtesy of YouTuber Shreyas Kamath which explains the details of the unfortunate incident.
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    Bodybuilder lol?

    Most likely died of a genetic disorder or something totally unrelated!
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    You'd be surprised how many guys use stuff and look like that. Even guys on here
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    True enough.
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    Wonder if this guy had any medical issues that could have been caught beforehand. If he was running gear that itself can aggravate heart issues much like what happened with Dallas.

    The bodybuilding lifestyle can be deadly for some people it seems.
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    It's the received truth:

    Bodybuilder (even just a beginner) dies => it's the steroids!
    Motorcyclist dies (without helmet) => 100% the lack of helmet
    Car driver dies (without seat belt) => it's a given that the seat belt would have saved him
    and so on...

    People just don't think - so this guy's death will be another notch in the evil steroid belt. Even though it was probably something congenital, RIP in any case.
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    Steroids aside some people's bodies just can't handle the strain that bodybuilding creates. I can lift heavy six ways from Sunday, but flexing a most muscular and holding it puts strain on my heart. I think it's a combination of things, but I'm pretty sure it jacks up my bp rapidly and my body tells me to stop. I'm no doctor though so.
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    Absolutely, but the deceased didn't look like he carried much mass, nor did he appear to be dehydrated. Must be some underlying issue here. Oh yeah - he didn't wear a helmet - and no seat belt. Figured it out!

    Pardon the jokes, not aimed at the deceased.
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    I hear yah man.
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