Bodybuilder Gordon Nelson Sentenced For Operating Genomax Pharma UGL

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    So the same methods from 2000 still in use today that says a lot about how many packages actually get checked.

    Nelson imported an unspecified quantity of steroid powder disguised as “glass glue” in January 2015.

    Nelson imported 25 kilograms of steroid powders and ancillary drug powders (like viagra) disguised as “calcium carbonate” in September 2015. He paid his Chinese suppliers $48,000 USD for this shipment.

    Nelson received a similarly-sized shipment (declared as “instant coconut powder”) shortly thereafter. He paid $39,000 USD for it.
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    Damn! They were monitoring his every move!
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    How does he only get house arrest for this? Lol. Every other bust people get 3-5 years
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    Great lawyers and I believe he is in Canada correct me if im wrong about CA. Laws in Canada are less strick when it comes to AAS compared to the U.S.
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