Bodybuilders, how do you prefer to train during your rebound?

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    For those of you who compete, when you're capitalizing on your rebound what are your thoughts on traditional higher volume vs more of a yates style?
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    @rutman is 2 weeks out from his national qualifier so he may not even have the energy to stare at a computer screen much less type. Lol.

    The rebound/recovery period after a 12-16 week or longer prep can last for 2-3 months. You’ve just pushed into a realm of over training during prep so you have to be very careful to avoid getting hurt by getting to crazy too soon.

    That initial bloating and water gain so many mistake for the “rebound” is actually a negative so I try to avoid it. In the early days I’d put on 20-30 lbs in a week and felt awful. The weight comes back over time but if done correctly you’ll stay leaner and add some legit quality size.

    I have a pretty set way I do things after a show. Typically, I take 2-3 weeks off training for mental and physical recovery. My diet stays clean unless I want something (junk food) then I just eat it and eat my scheduled meal also.

    Then I roll into my cycled regimen starting at 12 sets per body part with only the last set of each exercise taken to failure with a drop set. I keep the reps 8-15 usually and add 15-30 seconds into my rest time between sets.

    After 4 weeks I bump to 16 sets per body part keeping the same failure on the last set with a drop. I’ll run this style of training for 8-12 weeks.

    Next I’ll go to 20 sets per body part and I add in intensifiers like lower reps (4-6), super sets, double drop sets, rest pause and so on. I’ll run it 8-12 weeks.

    Finally I’ll go to 24 sets per body part with every thing still included from then previous phase. The time frame on this phase is effected by my prep schedule but it won’t last more than 10 weeks. I’ll either roll back to the first phase (12 sets) or move into show prep.

    I’ve never responded well to ultra heavy Dorian style training or crazy volume workouts. I train more instinctively now so if I’m feeling it then I stay with it.

    The key for me is to maintain intensity through strictly timed rest intervals between sets, staying heavy but keeping the form so the target muscle does the work and don’t miss training days.
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