Bodybuilding and combat sports

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    I have always had this unexplained attraction for the idea of delving into combat sports, but more recently, it seems it really took root within me.

    Now I already anticipate that the answers to this thread will be something along the lines of “you can’t do both effectively”, but I am just curious to hear about your experiences.

    Also, I know that in the past fighters were advised against weight training, but in more recent years, they have started doing it to improve their game.

    What does a training program for a fighter look like?

    Thanks in advance
  2. rugerjitsu

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    Go for it. You’ll probably want to stick with strength training vs body building. Honestly though, unless you’re going pro, it really doesn’t matter. Just get out there and have fun if you want. Just train.
  3. darkdays

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    It’s all functional strength, explosive movements, and lactic acid threshold. Balance is key, flexibility is key, cardio is very important (some prefer sprint style cardio over long distance, some sweat by long distance cardio, building the heart like a muscle), being strong in awkward/off balance positions, maintaining strength when utterly fatigued is important. some weight training depending on your body build, fighting: striking/grappling style, and weight division. Heavier divisions can get away with more weight lifting, or bodybuilding lifts per say. Besides you can still do isolation lifts while simply training. Now if you’re looking to fight professionally and have an actual shot at becoming a world beater you ditch the isolation styled workouts for a functional strength and conditioning program being that that will be your livelihood. But for one who simply wants to train you can go do your bb style lifts then go train a few days a week and learn the art of whatever discipline you’re training and you will no longer need to do cardio at the gym bc this should be enough cardio for the time being.
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  4. cfreetenor

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    I don’t see why an Olympic lifting style program would do anything but help. Front squats help with those knees, chins and pull ups probably help a lot with throwing elbows. The hip explosion in snatches and cleans has definitely given me the pop I needed to get out of holds I shouldn’t have been able to get out of.

    The only thing that really seems to take too much of my recovery resource to allow me to effectively train both is heavy back squats. But my calves are weak and probably need extra attention to keep up with that kind of double dipping, so who knows.
  5. darkdays

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    getting out of subs shouldnt be reliant upon strength but the skill set to defend correctly, now it is helpful when your defenses are correct combined with strength, but skillset should take precedent over strength. damian maia aint no strong motherfucker like rhoussimar palhares is, but his grappling has proven to be twice as effective against the best in the world due to being so technically sound.
  6. cfreetenor

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    I don’t know about all that stuff. All I know is that I’m unbelted and I made a few people go “huh?” with some of the stuff I pulled a few seconds before I finally had to tap out.
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    Exactly this.
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    If you were training in a gi....they didn’t give you a white belt to tie your gi up?
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    No gi.
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    only bit of advice I can give from being an ex amatuer boxer is that you can't grow muscles on your jaw,don't skip neck day look at evander holyfield he didn't get knocked out much and had a thick rhino neck,just be careful though and dont injure your self,another bit of advice is to go hard or go home and don't skip leg day because you need a strong set of legs that's were the power comes from,building big triceps helps with power too,how much do you skull?