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    Dear Meso members,

    I'm BP, owner of the online pharmacy. I've come here to offer the best of pharma-grade products and finished oils/orals to members of the Meso community. We are a verified source on Eroids and have been serving the community with our sharp priced products and fast, secure shipping for a while now. Those who are interested, feel free to check out our reviews on or for good guiding.

    All of our pharma-grade products are shipped free of charge in their original packing and can be traced for genuine approving. Besides this we have all of our underground lab products HPLC tested to preserve the highest quality standards at all times.

    You can check our available stock on our website.
    To order, please use our website or email us your order directly.

    We are offering a 5% discount on our pharma-grade assortment for all Meso users who want to give us a try, the coupon code is: 14meso

    Please just email us the promo code and order number and we'll take care of the rest.

    Duly yours,


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    First bitches!

    it’s not Friday and no titty pics??

    nominee for worst meso introduction ever.
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    No worries, bro. Eroids says they are g2g...
  4. What a fucking lazy first post.

    I'm not even going to list what's wrong with it.
    There is too much.

    Have you even LOOKED at Meso before today?

    Also, EMBED

    I'mnot clicking kn random links from a fucking DRUG DEALER

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    Here are your titties dear, enjoy your day!

    Warm greetings,

  6. Your wife tits are not just for you.

    They are for all of the men on the meso and the one girl.

    That is of course if you want to make any sales here.

    ..... kidding :)
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    What a lazy ass post. What makes you think this would motivate absolutely anyone to try your product when there are plenty of other sources
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    Hey Gymjitsu,

    You only know after trying out dear friend,

    Our good reputation goes beyond, we are faster, more secure and trusted above any other source for as far i read our friends reviews.

    Warm greetings,

  9. Trusted by fucking who?

    Here is what your post looks like to me

    "Buy my drugs, k thanks"
    Fuck you
    I wont inject your fucking cancer.

    You said you get everything HPLC tested?
    Where the fuck are those reports?

    I'm calling 100% fucking bullshit here.

    Fuck you
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    Dear Silentlemon1011,

    We are here to serve you with our best at all times,

    You can find some labtests as per attached snapshots,

    Warm Greetings,

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    You may not be new to eroids but you are new to Meso! Nobody here knows you and nobody wants to go other places to find info.

    You came here. We didn’t come to you. So either get your shit together and look into what we always ask for here from new sources, or just go ahead and get the fuck out!

    Warm greetings.... dumbass!! o_O
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    Hey Bolder,

    Thanks for the warm welcoming,

    i'll ask my buddies here to brief me on the rules, i'm new to MESO but sure looking forward to hang around with you guys.

    Duly yours,

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    Hey MESO friends,

    For those interested, i attached some snapshots of my current pharma-grade stocks for your good guiding.

    Hope this may be of your pleasing!

    Warm greetings,


    Anapolon Euthyrox Choriomon Random.jpeg Botox Dysport Saizen Omnitrope Novorapid Novomix.jpeg Genotropin.jpeg Klomen Arimidex Proviron.jpeg Klomen Rimobolan Tiromel Roaccutane.jpeg Lantus Humalog.jpeg Norditropin Humatrope.jpeg Sustanon Dostinex Saizen Tamoxit Bitiron Glucophage.jpeg
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    Really good price on the Astrazeneca Armidex.
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    Are those hplc tests you posted the tests that are supplied by your vendor when you place an order or are they tests from samples that you personally sent out for testing?
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    You have buddies here?

    Tell them come on over to the thread here and introduce or reintroduce themselves, so we can all be buddies!! :oops:
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    5% discount!!!!! Take my money!

    * stops reading and goes to website

    Well fuck. Coupon code doesn’t work. No 5% off.

    5% is shit. $50 for international shipping and $20 for domestic. Just to “try” you out. Nah. That isn’t going to happen when there’s already better, more established sources here.

    One question: where are you shipping from? India?
  19. Beat me to it lol . There are 3rd party testers here we feel comfortable with.
    Yours isnt one of them.

    I'm just supposed to fucking believe your testers are legit?

    How do I know that you didnt just use Microsoft Word and do them yourself?

    Fuck no

    Sure, you posted stock pics.
    Great, but members shouldnt have to ask for it.

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    Brand bodypharm test prop international $16.50 . Brand bodypharm test prop.$70.00 us domestic . Does us domestic come in 14k gold vials ?
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