Bonita man arrested for manufacturing steroids

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    A Bonita Springs man is behind bars Wednesday for manufacturing and distributing steroids, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office said.

    According to a release from LCSO, a joint operation between the Highway Interdiction Unit and Homeland Security resulted in the arrest of Robert Ekland, 44, on a series of charges including possession and smuggling of drugs and manufacturing of synthetic narcotics.

    A search warrant on Ekland’s home and a storage unit resulted in the seizure of 14 kilograms of steroid powder and four liters of liquid steroids on Wednesday morning, the release said. Deputies also seized 270 grams of THC wax and a half-pound of marijuana, along with cash, and a handgun and a 2014 Ford F-250.

    Bonita man arrested for manufacturing steroids - Naples Herald
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    At the end of the table in the second picture it looks like there are a bunch of blueskypeptides dropper bottles , i wonder if this guy has any connections with them ? Hmmm ... either way thats a thats a pretty damn big bust !
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    Gonna be a baller, shot-caller......
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    How many labs suspend the liquid orals in that common?
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    It's fairly common. I know masters gear has his stuff in diffferent colors caps and suspends his orals...

    If he disappears from forum then we probably have a good idea ...
  7. Man that' a pretty good eye. I woukd have never caught that if you didn' mention it. Definetely looks like some blue sky peptides dropped bottles. But I've seen some liquid aas that looked like that too, so can' say for sure. I definitely wouldn't want to be in that guys shoes!
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  8. There was a local guy that did and I think it's fairly common.
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    Yeah those blue droppers bottles with the orange lables are pretty unique , but there are so many labs who knows. it honestly could just be a coincidence. .

    But , your right this guy is getting screwed hard unless he has someone substantial he can rollover on , and make a deal with the feds .
  10. That's why I left crime behind. I ain't willing to snitch and I don' ever want to be stuck in a box again! In the long run it never pays. Just a game of Russian roulette, sooner or later the gun goes boom.
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    Lifter powerstoke in the p
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    Damn...that would be the police auction to go to!
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  13. Buy the truck might even find a lb or 2 of raw lol
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