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    It will pay I promise. but I need at least 50 attempts...!:D:p
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    Valuable to who?
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    It is a FINANCIAL COLUMN right?? So I guess pertinent to folks looking to make money. I did use the TERM "Commodity"..

    No that does not count as an attempt by forum member. The clock remains and COUNT/ZERO.. LOL

    That is HINT #1 of 5... (Forgot rules earlier:confused::cool:)


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    time,once spent theres no getting it back
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    Well, you said in the universe. I thought you might be including aliens : )

    So... folks who want to make money... when?
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    Right?! I was going to post this right when he started the thread but thought it was too obvious..
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    So it all depends on how one uses fear to target more clientele and it can be used to cause awareness also.. Support groups for marijunna addiction, because with it becoming legal it is important to classify exseive use as addiction, so you can use fear to help curve a increase of under age use and or any age for that matter... You got my wheels turning now thank you... :)
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    that's what the murry Jane community can do to keep use among our youth rising from it becoming legal... Your badass bbc3 I also now see what manwhore was hinting towards me with is replys... Thank you as well manwhore...
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    Time, time is money. Time is the one commodity that come you need for everything.

    To those that said pussy there are way to many gashes for it to be worth more than a few cents at best. People are overpaying for gash these days but I don't think the twat market will crash anytime soon.
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    YES I like this answer and was not what I was thinking, but IT GIVES ME SOMETHING TO TOKE ON FOR A MOMENT. Interesting indeed...

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    I see where you are going I think and I LIKE. Good stuff. I does apply to ET as well / what I am referring - I have no doubt. But I am going to have to RUN this question you posed back before I can give a bang back on it.

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    I was gonna leave it open A bit longer. I probably should have posed the question a big more "arbitrage" in that I kinda left it too easy from a "Staple" kinda sense. Two guys got the "textbook answer is indeed TIME. So I should have posed as "What is the most valuable Commodity on the MARKET" would have generated a DIFFERENT Answer "Steam" from some of you guys which is what I really wanted to SYNERGIZE some real effective THINKTANK on this one. I KNEW Flenser, Brutus, etc would NOT go for the seemingly obvious. And as we all know this is basic "textbook information" as a front line answer.

    So sorry I skunked the premise of my MISSION, but all is not lost.

    I was in the midst of some more epiphany when this thing entered my weary wuddle head. So strong mojo which I will re-tap shortly.

    So here is the plan.
    (1) Not only to share my 2cents which I though was extraordinary as I gleamed it when intercepting this thread.
    (2) But to do a kinda sorta "Multi-vectoral Analysis" of the WHYs in addition to the straight up single dimensional obvious reason TIME is the answer, which one might find in basic ACADEMIC Construct. So we are talking about taking a term and redefining RELATIVELY to REAL POTENTIAL(z) - And leaving NO stone un-turned..
    (3) FURTHER ELABORATING - To take on CONCEPT and complete a "Relativity Test". To SEE if TIME is indeed to MASTER SET as CHICKEN/EGG.
    (4) Also as a PROOFING, or "Rooting out" to test "Root Power". Because if the universe and dimensions are truly MASTER to the constructs which we all navagate.... > then TIME,SPACE (Between),MATTER, ENERGY,& NULL SUM Should indeed GOVERN..
    (5) So we will CHALLENGE Relativity here as a PRIMARY Objective. Because IF Relativity Exist, then the "Sub-catagories" of those MASTER SETs should actually principally ultimately be determined to again GOVERN some or all of these master sets. So a test of the PURITY of RULE of POWER..

    And MORE. I Will fruit for financial investors as promised. Essentially, I/We will perform a "Quantum Leap" into the souls of those greats such as Lee Iacocca, Peter Lynch, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, etc. Further examining the Thought process of Constucts such as Michael Milliken & Ivan Boesky to see what exactly they were up to. Were they Saint Martyrs, wrong place wrong timers, or super-criminals? And what REALLY happened and WHY. Examine guys Like Jeff Trudeau, and that ENTITY from the 90's "Don LaPre" that did the Making Money infomercial (Who I whole heartedly still believe that he was the first ever COMPLETE "BIOLOGICAL FARCE") / a First of this type CREATION not of this dimension. The Real Estate MOGUL of late night TV from the 1980's always filmed in Hawaii (what was his damn name again? Dave Deldotto I think?!?!/BAM!). Find the "Saints" of the business world and TEST THEM. A review of the average investor's mindset, and his role in economics and his TRUE IMPORTANCE. Also reviewing CORPORATE ENTITIES which have made and broken worlds. Like the cuntz that own Home Depot from get go, and ranging to Financial Mega Giants like Bill Gates/ Wuz Microsoft and now becoming Apple. The looking thru the glass should WE DARE at Universal POWERS like Rothschilds, Rockefellers / on down to / Bush, Donald Trump, and Ross Perot. And MORE...

    If TIME is indeed proven to be a "Prime Number", then the correlation should CROSS-CHECK in ONE DIRECTION thus all these vectors should INTERSECT with Common PREMISE thus TRUTH shall root out a proof.

    OR - Are FUNCTIONs like NOUNz WHICH APPEAR TO BE simple chess pieces on the Board really GOVERNORS of TIME??

    So hand tight and expound meanwhile if urge presents / should get intesting.. But I can't let the winners go un-named and the purity of this MODE of Information will get corrupted. The Drill is far from botched at this TIME...! Hand tight..:)
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    Well, time really isn't the text book answer. In economics time is usually a parameter in predicting value. People (and I assume aliens too) have what's called a time-value preference. The longer you have to wait for your product the less it is worth to you.

    Time itself is rarely referred to as a commodity, because it's not an easy thing to box up and ship to people. It's not fungible in the slightest. The ones who sell time in some form, like the medical and investment industries and the politicians, are very often charlatans or fools themselves.

    What I was after in my previous posts is acknowledgement that value is subjective. People who really want to make money are actually a very small subset of the populations, monomaniacs usually. Most of us want to HAVE money, so we can buy what we want. Money is not a goal, but a means, and a transitory one at that. Real money makers want money for its own sake, or for power over others, etc. Something no one on this forum is likely to consider worth pursuing.

    So, excepting the money makers, what is the most valuable commodity? It's us, our talents, skills and experience. The things we do everyday to serve our customers or our employers that earn us sales or salaries respectively.
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    We are on the same page. You are just not seeing my angle yet. I was banking on more time and input to fully contrive my madness. But I am not asking anyone to pursue that is not interested. I would only think that the financial folks would be the only with the interest of changing paradigm. I may drop this line as it will require more than I have right now. But I will reapply and develop with slower pace at best. You make good points.

    To expound on my plans with this though in a way that may translate to you the potential value pertains to one of your first sentences. And with regard to TVM and PREDICTION of TVM (these are important as RARELY seen as correct and real constructs that they are. But the goal of my analysis would be to strip aways these misconceptions, failures, and lies to then understand WHAT EXACTLY defines PREDICTION. So now you see. ONCE you can Define "Prediction" with reference to market assets, you now hold in your possession a CRYSTAL BALL...!;):)

    And WHILE you may THINK your answer was a MOOTED reply declining further interest. You really just synergized well and actually FED me the next piece of this puzzle which I sought, and honestly had no idea WHEN i would get it. So we work well together indeed. Still, clarity may still be only lurking NEAR you and not UPON you at this TIME. Give it TIME...:D
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    Now see my new powers unleashed here... Subject matter is shrooms for depression and one post which holds some paradigm shift which the ELITE will be spoon fed, and which I just Prophesized/ and PROBABLY before 90% of them were fed their plates..!. You know the magic is that I just don't think this stuff can be taught...! I don't even think I could harness it alone.

    ** NOW NOTE. It takes WHAT, WHERE, & WHEN for TIME to have RELEVANT VALUE..!!!

    - Those I will refer to as MATTER FACTORS which are MODULATED by ENERGY in THE SPACE BETWEEN...!:eek::eek::eek:;)

    ... Yes,, they do like me indeed they do... but I grow weary... weary indeed...:(


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    Maybe you should choose a different word than commodity. By definition a commodity can be bought and sold. This is simply not true of time.
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    I would say Time.... But NO..... I agree with Brutus. ..... PUSSY........

    BIGMESC Member

    How about intelligent life, without the means and ability to conceptualize time, space and even money they become meaningless.
    Not to oversimplify but without cognitive thought, the ability to analyze and mentally visualize abstract concepts and to extrapolate predictions based on them there would be no commodities.

    So I say intelligent life, it can be bought and sold.
    Just sold myself to my employer for another year.
    I would like to think it is because of my stunning good looks and charm but it is most likely for my experiential knowledge in my field.
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