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    I believe is knowledge on just anything.

    If you KNOW what to spend your time, labor and capital on, when to do it, how to do it and why do it you can get almost anything...
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    I hate to say it but it's put a flag on any piece of land and it's worth 1000000 x more than what it used to be. People kill each other in millions for it. There will never be anymore of it on earth.
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    Anti-matter has to be worth a shitload. Or cold fussion technogoly, except that's just a concept as far as I know. Clean energy is the only thing that will save our asses.
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    I like this answer too. I think it goes hand in hand with mine. Cause what good is land or an environment to live hapilily ever after in if it's polluted. All the money in the world isn't going to help if the air, water and ground is going to make u sick. Intrigueing post. I'd like to see old Rasputin get his 50 replies. Wondering if he's brain picking or already had an answer in mind...
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    I believe that anti-matter is just that valuable right now because of our inability to work with it or to get profit from it; as soon as it becomes more accesible it will drop its cost, just like any other technology.
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    This is true. Could at some point replace our nuclear arsenal. I'd really rather not think of about all it's possible destructive military applications. And instead think about it's potential as an energy source. Last I heard about fussion tech the French were able to get a 10 fold increase in output to input power. At first I think they were breaking even. These techs are still in their infancy, let's hope we're intelligent enough not to destroy ourselves with them. You ever see the movie Angels and Demons with Tom Hanks? Great flick where the plot has something to do with antimatter.
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    Yes! Its a nice movie to watch, a little bit fantasious for my taste but it depicts exactly how anti matter sounds so crazy just because we havent dominated it just yet...
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    Vagina. Is the reason men do anything.
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    This is too easy..
    I am not even reading the thread..

    It's PUSSY without a doubt..

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    OK I just saw this one :)

    It's the truth..
    Well that and cuddling o_O

    We make money to buy nice
    things to get pussy.. after our children are fed
    but we use our children to get pussy too...
    What? No I was kidding .. I use my 2 cute little dogs..

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    Its funny how some spend their whole lives trying to crawl back into what they came out of in the first place.
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    Ahhh... He lives... LOL
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    INNOVATION. Innovation fuels the market and innovation stimulates an economy. Innovation is essential for economic growth. That is why a free market is so successful. Government and regulations cannot, despite popular belief, improve the economy. Often government and regulation only impede economic growth.

    Well I suppose innovation isn't a commodity...
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    Matter. Without it, the universe would be void.
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    Purpose. Without it even if you had all the cash, time, land and what not you would just be rich, young landlord with no intent on progress. Purpose is the biggest factor when it comes to progress and human progress is the single certainly most important one thing mankind must strive for. Man walks on moon, man becomes immortal, one can dream. Nazism, if not for all its horrors taught us one thing, power of intent serves as greatest of all.
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    It's oil (maybe not anymore with what's going on) Then you got coffee. It used to be hemp way back in the day.
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    Oxygen, take that away and we shall see how valuable it is.
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    Even though its needed oxygen is far from perfect as it slowly kills us all.