Boo freakin hoo

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bob Smith, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. ForemanRules

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    I will mourn them [:eek:)]
  2. unt0ld

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    WOW 22 people in 1 car. Now thats safe..
  3. Kayz

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    I bet the vultures that ate the corpses have diarrhea this morning.:D
  4. Desibaba

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    Both the US and Mexico need to work together to secure their borders so that the mexicans dont try to run the desert to come to the US.And mexico needs to have some kind of penalty system where if one of their people try to illegally come to the US and gets popped then they will get a minimum of 2 yrs jail time in a mexican jail.I have heard that most who get popped and deported usually try again later on.
  5. Kayz

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    Are you kidding me?? The same Mexican government who has officials at the border handing out flyers and pamphlets with instructions on "how to successfully jump the border" and where to go once you make it to the US??

    Mexico supports this.
  6. dennis

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    Go ahead and jump me boy's but if you lived in Mexico wouldn't you try and make it to the good ole USA? One of my friends/employees is from GTO mexico (no papers)He lives here w/ me..he has been here 6 years..never called in sick..not once..he works 50 plus hours per week,works like a machine..does a great job..etc..ever seen a white boy do this ? These guy's that died have families in mexico who are starving to that are disease stricken..need medicine/clothes/shelter.etc..what would you do to protect your family?
    On the other hand..guess if we were over there we would stay there,keep the local pharmacy and whore house in bussiness and lift weights all day..later, dennis
  7. gixxerboy

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    First off it i was that poor and it was that shitty where i lived i wouldnt have kids. I'm sick of people complaining that its bad for there kids. Well fuck nobody forced you to have them.

    Also nobody says the ycant come here and try and better the lives or the familys. But why cant they do it legally?
  8. dennis

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    So if you were poor and could not afford condems you would be celibate correct?You would just say no everytime some senorita dropped her drawers?By the way..i'm not complaining about their kids..just looking at the flip side of why they are coming over's a mucho better way of life over here.According to Bush some of them will be made legal very soon.Does aas make some people heartless or what ????
  9. Grizzly

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    Heeeelllloooooo, you can pull out. Duh! And, while it may not be as effective as the pill(though I'll dispute that because I've used both and have no babies), it will work and there won't be 15 ninos running around.

    Yes, I've seen a white boy do that. My grandfather has worked full time for the last 60+ years. Yes, that's right, he's 83 and still works full time. Not only that, but he worked TWO jobs for 40 some of those years.

    My mother works 10 hour days and then comes home and does 2 more hours worth of work. Free of charge.

    My dad has been sick from work 5 times in 30some years.

    I worked 50+ hours a week and never called in sick for 2 years.
  10. dennis

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    props to you and your family Grizz..wish all americans were like you for sure..unfortunately you are the exception.I do not know about your area but here in texas about the only color of guy's you see busting their asses on construction type jobs are brown..and not brown from being tan either.Yeah pulling out can be done but i would not want to bank on it.And let me get this guy's are saying.."if you are poor you should not have kids"?
  11. Kayz

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    ABSOLUTELY!!! And I'll take it one step further. If you are poor and unable to properly support a family, you should not be allowed to have kids.

    Statistically speaking kids born into poor households are subjected to a malignant environment. This is neither good for the child nor society as a whole. There's always that one kid who rises above the bullshit and succeeds in life, but more often than not they are societal degenerates that are a drain on the economy and you and I have to pick up the slack.

    A well known economist (I'd have to look his name up) spent his entire life studying "economical comfort zones". After 40 years of continual research what he found was quite remarkable:

    Nearly every American possesses an economic comfort zone which is usually obtained early in life. Rich people will more often than not find away to stay rich. Poor people will more often than not remain poor. And it's not necessarily because they want to, but rather that's what they know. Think of it this way:

    If a millionaire loses everything, he will find a way to regain a portion of his/her wealth because that is where his/her economic comfort zone lies. If a welfare recipient wins the lottery, they will find a way to piss every last dollar away and once again be poor because that is where their comfort zone lies.

    So no, poor people who can't afford to take care of kids without government assistance should not have kids.
  12. Grizzly

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    That's PRECISELY what I'm saying. If you can't afford 'em, then don't have 'em. I, for one, have absolutely no compassion for the starving people of this world. In fact, I hope they all die tomorrow. Why? Read "I, Rigoberta Menchu". It's the biography of a Guatemalan Indian. She straigh up says that all of her people know that the majority of their children witll be dead by the age of four. However, eventhough they can't affor to feed them, they have them anyway because they just like to have kids.

    Fuck those people! people like that all need to die before they're old enough to breed, so Sally Struthers can kiss my ass. She ain't getting a fucking dime from me!

    No, pulling out isn't a good method to "bank on". However, I guarantee those worthless fucks with 15 kids who can't even feed the first 3 of them didn't even try to pull out. It'll fail SOMETIMES. Not enough to make more than a couple, TOPS, kids.
  13. sc redneck

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    your mom and dad rich when your dumb ass was born griz? I know Kzeee's were loaded, but how bout yours Grizzz. So I reckon you will never have kids huh. Damn, I hate that for ya. :confused:
  14. gixxerboy

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    It has nothing to do with being rich. When you have a kid you also have the responsibility of taking care of that child. Food, clothes and shelter are your responsibility. If you cant provide that you shouldn't have them. Why should a child suffer? Just because some poor adult is so selfish tha they want to have a child now.Why do you think people should have children? Just because they physically can?
  15. Grizzly

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    Who said anything about being loaded or rich. They did, however, wait until they were 28, established in their careers and owned a house. I'd say that qualifies as someone who should be having kids.
  16. Kayz

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    Exactly! My mom was 29 when she had me and my dad was 30. I am currently 26 and my fiance is 27. We are getting married next March, so we will be about the same age when we start our family. I have a good job and she is kicking ass in real estate, which is the perfect job for a mother because 90% of it is done at home.
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    My son was born when I was 18. I have never in my life took a hand out unless it was something for my son. We worked hard and made very little. The key was not trying to live beyond our limits. Also was a born again christian back then and prayed alot!! Oh,,, he was born in 82.