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  1. Notits

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    I hope this thread gets some traction. Maybe it will prove us all more than barely literate meatheads.
    Of course im kidding...

    What books have people found helpful in their training. Are there certain ones that were total bullshit?

    I have read all of the Mike Mentzer books. As well as Chris Aceto and just got a new one for christmas - Strength Training Anatomy by Delavier and Gundill.
    In addition I have also read Big Beyond Belief which didnt really reach me.

    Would love to hear what you guys are reading.
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  2. Skull

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    This should be a good thread. Nice job Notis:cool:!!!! Although I haven't read any, I would however like to see what all guys have read an whats liked or not so much lol. Im subbed;)
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  3. D-Ballin

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    Beyond 5/3/1, the greyskull books, starting strength. All very good programs and reading.

    Pavel Tsatsouline is funny as shit. Usually disjointed as fuck, but he has such a dry, Russian sense of humor that he just cracks me up for some reason.

    Interested to see what else gets put up here. I need some new reading.
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  4. The absolute best books are by


    (I have the first and last one, all of which are out of my depth but they are a fantastic resource)



    (If someone were to get just ONE book for training...this would be ideal)

    I always advocate supporting authors financially by buying their books, however, some of the listed books are hard to find, maybe out of print, and like $300. I wouldn't judge someone too harshly for using google to find these books in their entirety on the web, especially since there are other ways to financially support our favorite sports training writers without spending $300 for an out of print book. :)
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  5. Docd187123

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    I think it also depends on one's goals. All the books WC posted as well as many others like RTS manual by Tuchscherer, practical programming by Rippetoe, Tudor Bampa, Mel Siff, Metveyevs work, etc etc
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  6. Notits

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    I was hoping you and Doc would chime in ;)
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  7. gr8whitetrukker

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    Mentzer's series of books is the best read in my collection. But after years and years how many books do you wanna read on some one else's "new" theory?
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  8. Notits

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    As many as i can find.
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  9. gr8whitetrukker

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    Screenshot_2015-12-26-18-59-10.png This was the last book I read on BB training. Must of been at least 10 years ago
  10. viking23

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    I can't believe how expensive they are.
  11. Frandeman

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    Only one you ever going to need
    And then you can train calves on it as it's so thick lol I did [​IMG]
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  12. Dr JIM

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    Got that right mate and to that end what may prove helpful to one, may be regurgitating the same old verse in a different tense for another.

    Although my objectives may be somewhat different than others I can't overemphasize the importance of including evidence based materials as a major portion of ones reading list.

    Obviously there are limitations but much of what Doc S and Bill Roberts offers on Meso alone is a great start for many IMO ........... and IT'S FREE!
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  13. Dr JIM

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    And to think I actually own that book, but why? Bc it's one of the few on the market devoted to the use of FREE-WEIGHTS EXCLUSIVELY!

    (It's also a great means of beginning an open dialogue with patients about BB, LIFTING AAS etc. Not to be outdone as Dr Scallys most recent pub was just what the doctor ordered in that regard also!)
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  14. gr8whitetrukker

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    That book is good for pictures only imo. Most other advice is vague at best and contradictory. Too bad Arnolds name is all over it. Kinda like his fake protein powder that recently was involved in a law suit.
  15. Frandeman

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    It got use...even if it's old
    I train calves on it at home
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  16. jaymaximus

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  17. Perrin Aybara

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    Most that I would suggest have already been mentioned. I'll add Squat Every Day by Matt Perryman as a good read though.
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  18. PCT-REP

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    Good book just because but no matter how much aas the volume and frequency killed my cns.Good shit just to look at and read none the less.
  19. PCT-REP

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    Linked to body fortress walmart whey just fillers.
  20. jaymaximus

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    What the fuck are you doing out of your thread? These threads are for Meso members. You stay your ass in your thread where you give freebies because you fuck up every order and giving out people's PI.
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