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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Eman, Nov 4, 2017.

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    If you can't pull serious motivation out of that trailer you have issues
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    These gentlemen are the elite when it comes to being strong. Always like watching them in action.
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    Damn it! Those dudes make me feel like a midget.
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    I felt pretty sorry for myself when I saw this:

    400lbs with abs... What. In. The. Fuck.
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    Do you think these dudes are natty? Is it just genetics? Or are these dudes on gear?
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    No man... Shaw was likely natural before being discovered, but not now. All of these guys are so far outside the natural mass indexes that you need a radio telescope to see them from there.
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    Yeah these dudes are freaky strong and fucking massive. 400+ lbs with abs? Wtf.
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    Lol I don't know if you're kidding or not...

    Shaw has spoken very lightly about drug use. He has indicated he wishes that drugs weren't really involved because then everyone has to use them to even the playing field.

    However, there are definitely genetics at play too.

    Mariusz Pudzianowski was asked by an interviewer years ago, "When was the last time you took steroids?"

    His response, "What time is it now?"
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    That guy was nuts.. I liked watching videos of him train, he was an animal. Then he even went on to mma and actually didn't do too bad. I remember one fight he basically picked a guy up and tossed him. lol
  11. grey

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    When Mariusz stopped being allowed in the WSM I stopped watching.

    For giggles I ran Hafthor there through the FFMI assuming conservative BF% of 14.

    His FFMI at 14% is 38.5.

    I don't real subscribe to the theory that a FFMI of 25 is the natty max, I would place that closer to 27, but at 38.5, The Mountain has not been natural in any way for quite some time.

    Eddie Hall at an rough guess of say 30% when he is 410 lbs comes to an FFMI of 36.6.

    Shaw at ~22% (he fluctuates a ton) would still be a 37.8 FFMI

    Didn't try with Savickas as he seems to be the one whose weight and bf% fluctuates the most.
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    Lol! Just being sarcastic bro.
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    Hall spoke about having a fuckin hyperbolic chamber he cranks up to 60psi he uses a couple hours a day out back in the garden :eek: ,hot and cold tubs....fuck yeah they use gear!

    Edit: hyperbaric chamber not hyperbolic :rolleyes:
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    I gave it a watch. Really enjoyed it. It's reminiscent of Eddie Strongman, the documentary. I liked it a bit more because it focused on several competitors. The ending was really good too, really broke down the events at a competition they were competing against one another at.

    Eman approved
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    I'm waiting for my kid to go to bed so I can really watch it. He tends to get into and fuck up shit when I'm distracted. :oops: My wife will beat me without mercy if he takes the trimmer to his head again.:confused:
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    Im having a really hard time seeing Eddy at ONLY 30% bodyfat
  17. Eman

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    I agree.. BUT, bodyfat % gets really strange and skewed when you weigh 400lbs too. 30% bodyfat at 150lbs vs 400lbs for instance... Shit gets weird.
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    Yeah... where he is at I have a really hard time judging... Like a big Limey sumo....
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    I saw an Instagram picture of him the other day, said he was 421 lbs, the light was shinning on his front side and I could see abs poking through his fat. Not that this means shit, simply because these guys compositions are out of this world...That's my rambling 2 cents. I wouldn't have the slightest clue of Eds BF, but I bet here in the next 3-5 years we see a much smaller version of him.