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  1. fresnos2k

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    Can the Bottle Top Vacuum Filters be used a few times for a few compounds? For example, can you run test through it and then run tren after you can done making the first compound? I am planning to cook a few compounds. Take time to get everything then bake a whole feast within the same day that will last at least 2-3 cycles.

    Thanks for any info. Deciding on which methods to use.
  2. ickyrica

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    No, one filter per compound
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  3. ickyrica

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    How much oil per compound are you filtering?
  4. TRT

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    Ya I wouldn't do that.
  5. fresnos2k

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    No clue yet on the amount, still in the process of planning. I just figured it would save time to be able to mix then filter if the same apparatus could be used and less suspicion compared to ordering 3/4 at once.

    I am aware of the filter loss and the clogging of the filters. Just wanted a second opinion to confirm. Once my planning in done, i'll be sure to check in and to be sure that my t's are all crossed.
  6. Engineer

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    You will end up with test in your tren if you do that
  7. Iron Vett

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    If a person is selling their gear I can see where using the same filter would make a big difference. I use the gear I make and don't sell it so I don't feel it matters that much to me. Personally I still use syringe filters and filter multiple compounds through the same filter. I just make sure and push air through after each compound to evacuate as much oil as possible. Also I always filter the tren last since it will discolor other compounds a little.

    I'm not real worried about the little cross mixing that occurs because let's face it. I'm gonna have test and tren or test and npp together in the syringe anyway.

    Just my two cents and please take my experiences with a grain of salt. They work for me and I'm not trying to get anyone to follow what I do.
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  8. I rinse filters with held back oil after each compound. And am careful of what order I do it in. Mast, test, tren is a better order than tren, deca, primo.

    If your making 250ml of each, the 1ml possibly left is soooo diluted that it may have 1mg/ml. Even analyzer would have a hard time finding that...
  9. Engineer

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    Even if you rinse with after eqch compound, wouldnt whatever you rinsed with get into your first vial? Let’s say that 1mL held up in the filter-then Test at 100mg/mL will now be 90mg/mL. I would not only worry about having another compound in my vials, but also effectively lowering the concentration of the first vial
  10. Good call BUT. If my recipe calls for 125ml of carrier oil to make the brew, I only mix in 120ml. I then use the remaining 5ml to 'rinse' the filter. If some of the empty oil stays in the filter unit, your not out anything. It would actually raise the concentration slightly, probably making up for anything less than 100% purity would bring...
  11. EazyDuzIt

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    After how many mL (approx) do you need to switch filters? Or can you just tell..? I was midway through the filtering process on my first brew and the filter (.2 whatman) seemed to be clogged. The oil simply started pushing through way to slow so I switched it out. Obviously safe to say in that case, but is there a rule of thumb any of you go by?
  12. fresnos2k

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    I think it all varies. Depends on the gear and how much things get caught. I know that in the past when I ordered gear re-filtered, I would have to use a few filters as the filters get clogged up after a few vials.

    The filter we are talking about in this thread is the Bottle Top Vacuum Filter which can filter quite a large amount before it starts to clog. I haven't tried it before, but it makes more sense to go this route since I would be filtering a larger amount to avoid having to filter and make gear every year.
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  13. Docd187123

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    Each filter will have its own spec as to how much can be properly filtered. If yours begins to slow down considerably, then it means you’ve either exceeded the amount recommended, solution temps dropped significantly, or your brew has a lot of particulate being filtered out.
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    Someone please eduacate me on how bottletop filters can be sterile in the last step.

    The oil is filtered into a the flask at the bottom and that is then poured into the vials in OPEN air exposed to dust, particles, hair, ect. can someone tell me how they transfer their gear from the flask that it gets poured into after filtering, to the vials?

    I use syringe filter and the gear goes STRAIGHT into my sterile vial through the filter exposed to absolutely nothing. The only problem is this takes forever.
  15. fresnos2k

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    I haven't tried it myself, but I don't think most guys are worried about the air. I mean you have to inject air into the vial anyways when drawing out. Some pour, some use syringes to transfer.

    Maybe someone else can chime in.
  16. DozerSoldier

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    If going into a media bottle with a 45mm top, such as a GL45 Pyrex Glass media bottle. You can use a GL45 open top cap and a septa. Basically turns the media bottle into a huge vial.
    You can then draw from media bottle with syringe into either sealed sterile vials, or dispense from syringe into sterilized vials, removing cover from one vial at a time, and quickly dispensing into vial, then put on stopper and crimp.

    If your doing your own crimping you would optimally want a sterile environment and wear body covering, and you would use calibrated sterile pipettes. That is of you are large scale. If only on a personal level, a sterile area is good, with disposable sterile pipettes could work.
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    actually this seems great man, exactly what i would be looking for. thanks broo
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