BPC 157

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  1. Who here has had experience with it? I searched the forum and there was ZERO talk about it. I have a pec strain and it was recommended I use it. Just curious what others results and experiences with it. Read a ton of reviews online and it's sounds great. But we know how that goes sometimes
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  2. Thank you @mands
    I have some in route. I think I may do a log for it in this section, separate from my log in the powerlifting section. So we have some info about it on here. Couldn't find anything on the board about anyone using it or really even mentioning it.
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  3. mands

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    That would be awesome man. If you do run a log please tag me in it.

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  4. jdtk

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    Would be interested in seeing a log as well. Been considering doing the same but the sources I've used in the past have been shut down.
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  5. Eman45

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    Looking to use some bp157 n tb500 myself for tendon ligament healing. Just trying to find a good source since non of these are tested in the testing section. Just don’t want to use it and not be happy with it not knowing if it was legit or not. Only reason why I been thinking about doing my first gh run. Anyone know of source they have used and where happy with outcome and willing to hook a brother up in need plz pm me.
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  6. Dr JIM

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    Cell culture studies involve the use medium that are incapable of mimicing human conditions and must be taken with a grain of salt.

    At best BPC as been shown to exhibit anti inflammatory effect
    in humans. Save your money and buy Aleve
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  7. MeatHead69

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    I am about to use it on a double knee replacement surgury. I also find it ironic that not many people discuss it on this forum or know much about it...
  8. Goingstronger

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    You are going to use it for a knee surgery and you:

    1) know a lot more about it than most here: please enlighten us

    2) know fuck all about it or about your source: why risk injecting it in a 65 year old family member, retard
  9. Mr.B66

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    Actually cpl years back @sevendog @mellymelfromhell and myself ran a log for a short while. I don't believe any of us had any real success. I ran an aggressive protocol and had zero positive effects. We all ran BP157 and tb500. For me it was a waste of money.
    Of course maybe everything we got was fake but thats the whole problem, how do you know for sure WTF your injecting , as far as i know there is no testing being done.
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  10. Anabolic-Chicken

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    I have uses TB 500 because of my problems with the left shoulder!
    I have often pain when I train shoulder or bench press!
    I have had at the first time use not as much pain as I always had!!!
    the problem is that the pain is still there, but I don't feel as much pain as I have used to have the last years!
    my hope is and was, I still use it, that it will be some day really gone and healed...

    but till today I feel that something is still making the pain, but I can lift without that immense pain that I have to feel so badly for the last years!

    that is what I can say about it!
    I have ordered more and this time I will use also the BPC157!
    this time I have much more of it to use!
    will write here in some days or weeks again.
    have also often pain in my left elbow, it's the same as with my shoulder! The pain is much much more less with TB 500!

    maybe some other people here can also talk about there experiences with it.

    I am 37 years old, and I think if you are older than you have more benefits than when you are younger.

    oh, another thing, I was writing about Tb500!
    I saw that this thread is about BPC157!
    I think I get my BPC157 this week and will uses it also for these issues...
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  11. Rosconow

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    Hi all,
    I have been taking bpc 157 and tb 500 together for the last 3 weeks to help my rehab efforts with a hyper-extended knee and the resulting ham and calf tear.
    I injured myself start of March and have been doing physio and massage with good results. But over the last 3 weeks i can say i am amazed! No more sharp pain along the sides of my knee or at the back of it. Also way less "clicking" going on. Honestly this last 3 weeks is like 3 months of physio. No joke.
    I'm dosing 2x .250mcg bcp157 subq daily, injecting different spots around the joint. 2mg tb 500 every 3 days, subq in the stomach.
    There it is. Always been a stacker!
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  12. Anabolic-Chicken

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    Thanks for sharing this with us brother!
  13. Mr.B66

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    I would try it again based on testimony such as yours, problem is one has no idea if their getting legit product, as ive yet to see anybody post lab test results on any peptide companies
  14. Rosconow

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    True about the lab postings. Frankly I'm just a "test subject" as we all know the legalities around peptides. And my results are just that. I may have an affinity to the compounds where as others may not. Source purity and product degradation are other major factors with peptides.
    Im just very happy that my knee is getting better. And to me, there can be no placebo effect. Either there is sharp pain or there isnt.