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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by knarlomatic, Oct 23, 2010.

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    knarlomatic Junior Member

    Wow. The low T brain fog is really bad. I just took my toolbox out of the closet, took out the tray, then turned around and tried to put only the tray away! I'm spelling things two and three time, and I've always been and excellent speller and typist.

    Is this kind of brain fog standard with low T? I've heard it mentioned, but I've never experienced anything like this before. I go back two and three times to my truck for tools and leave the doors open for the world to steal.....yaaah!
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    zkt Member

    Smokin more than usual lately?
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    BBC3 Member

    I dont know so much about any real "Low T Brain Fogs". But there is clearly some cognitive effects associated with low T.

    The best example of a brain fog I can think of is the way one feels on 10mgs /day of creatine.... IMO this is a brain fog...
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    zkt Member

    How does that compare to a few hits of top shelf Indica ?
    Why does weed mess with your short term memory?

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    Brain fog can be from over 1000 different things so untill you examine the reason why its only a crap shot.
    It also can be a sign of MS and nervous degeneration. Getting old sucks !!
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    knarlomatic Junior Member

    :p Smart Alec. No I don't use that stuff.
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    knarlomatic Junior Member

    Has me thinking I'm not getting the right tests. I've looked at the symptoms I'm having and I took the questionaire at and it indicates I am probably deficient in melatonin and growth hormone as well as T. They come from the pituitary and the pineal glands and the pituitary stimulates T production with LH. Other than Total and Free Test, the endo did TPO, Free T4, and TSH, which are all thyroid tests and came out normal. My regular doc did a battery of blood tests, but I need to get a copy so I can be sure. But he was not looking at anything glandular as far as I know.

    I noticed that the pituitary also makes vasopressin or ADH and one of the symptoms on the sheet is "I have a hard time thinking straight".

    My endo seems to know what he is doing, but what do I know? I'm in electronics. I'm just trying to sort this all out so I can get back into life.

    I see at - Endocrinology Of Male Reproduction, Chapter 5, in the evaluation section, there is a chart which seems to indicate what standard practice is for testing in hypogonadism, and we quit after the low T tests.

    Should I be asking for LH, FSH or other tests?
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    zkt Member

    I wasnt entirely joking. The memory Sx you describe are similar to those produced.bycanabis.
    wiki "Experiments on animal and human tissue have demonstrated disruption of short-term memory,[14] which is consistent with the abundance of CB1 receptors on the hippocampus, the region of the brain most closely associated with memory. Cannabinoids inhibit the release of several neurotransmitters in the hippocampus, like acetylcholine, norepinephrine, and glutamate, resulting in a major decrease in neuronal activity in that region. This decrease in activity resembles a "temporary hippocampal lesion."[14] In the end, this procedure could lead to the blocking of cellular processes that are associated with memory formation."

    I dont think your HPT is at the root. Rule out adrenal problems .
    Ony other neurological Sx?.

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    knarlomatic Junior Member

    Sorry, thought you were joking. I've never been into that so I don't think along those lines.

    Only other symptom like that is a persistent headache, but that is a recent development. I have trouble sleeping without a sleep aid, the one I'm using is melatonin based according to my endo, which works perfectly.
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    Brain fog I would look at
    1. Sleep quality
    2. hypotension - use more sea salt
    3. Blood sugar and insulin imbalance
    4. elevated estrodial to testosterone ratio
    5. Nutritional imbalances
    6. Food allergies
    7. thyroid imbalances
    8. adrenals imbalances
    9. lack of vitamin D - due to lack of sunlight
    10. Current relationship - emotional component
    11. Daily stress - job, over training, under eating, poor stress management
    12. alteration in brain chemistry.
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    youngstunna Member

    Im not sure how relavent this is but I have had severe brain fog from using too much gear at once...........

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