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    Alright everyone. Let's see it. Your homebrew recipes. What ya homebrew. How ya homebrew. As long as it involves homebrew, slap it on up here.
    Think of this as the brewers version of @Oregongearhead 's delicious foodie thread.

    and now.....

    They said it couldn't be done.... but FUCK YOU I DID IT.
    2 grams DHB
    .6ml BA (6%)
    2.4ml BB (24%)
    5.3ml safflower oil
    Brewed everything as usual, just withheld .5ml of safflower oil until the end. I used it to flush the filter.
    IMG_4306.JPG IMG_4307.JPG

    I only made 10ml of the 200mg because everyone and their dog said it wasn't going to hold. But it's been 4 hours since I brewed and it's still holding. Will update tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day.

    Now that I've gotten that little victory out there, here's the rest of what I have been making today. I still have lots left to do.... unfortunately the bumfuck town I live in is well.... a bumfuck town. Couldn't find PS80 anywhere in town, so I had to order it online and it's taking its sweet sweet time getting here. But once it does... I'll be making some tren Base and DHT for pre.
    Here's what I've made so far.

    Oils left to right DHB 200/150, Test C 350, Test E 400, Mast E 250.
    Orals left to right clomid 50mg, T4 400mcg w/10 mg Lorcaserin, Superdrol 20mg, aromasin 25mg, Raloxifene 80mg, Toremifene 90mg, Winny 100mg, Var 80mg, S4 50mg w/cardarine 30mg.

    For the record, S4 is a crock of shit.

    All oils are in safflower oil. No EO. No guaiacol.
    Test E was at 400mg/ml 2/20.
    Mast e was at 250mg/ml 2/18

    If some vials seem less filled than the others, it's because they are! It was probably the 10ml test batch I did. I did a test batch of 20ml on the Test E, but I filled the vial too full and when I crimped it, the bottom of the vial popped.
    Odd, because I can drop these things from a distance and they don't break.

    Like I said I still have a lot of Test E left to brew, a good amount of DHB as well. Some TNE, TrNE, DHT. Probably forgetting something else too, but I'm sure I'll post them eventually.

    Let's see what everyone's got going in their kitchen!
  2. That granite countertop looks familiar.

    Seriously though, shit looks tasty as fuck!
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    Now that looks good! Thanks for sharing (send some of that Test 400 my way *wink wink*)

    I should really look into home brewing my own gear.

    My new condo I just bought has a similar countertop too.

  4. The party is at @MindlessWork "s new condo !! Bring the booze , drugs and hookers ! And the donkey...;) :p:p
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    A brew party maybe...
  6. IMG_2616.PNG IMG_2615.PNG

    The dbol was made with 2% BA, 25% BB and the carrier is a 50/50 mix of eo and migyol 840. A decent amount of heat was used but the dbol went into solution super easy and I'm going to try a higher concentration next time. The other two are 2% BA, 30-40% BB and same carrier mix as dbol. What I've found works is adding the tren base last so you don't burn it but it still goes into solution. I spend about 45min to an hour adding the carrier and BB mix, temp gets up to 350-380. Add the tren base after all of you oil and BB are added and then turn off the heat but leave it spinning like a motherfucker on the hot plate until it hits room temp.
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    Is it safe to pin something the same day you brew it?
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    T Enanthate 300.

    171 vials to go.

    1%BA 20170803_152153.jpg

    I like the stubby 10mL vials
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    I am sure, as long as it isn't too hot.
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    I'm sure it is also but I remember reading something about how you should let it sit a few days to let the ba sterilize it which doesn't make sense because filtering is what sterilizes it and the ba just helps keeps it sterile. Just double checking, I've read too much bro science from other forums in the past.
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    It shouldn't hurt waiting a few days either.
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    It's best to wait a few days to see if it will hold.
  13. I've pinned stuff the same day several times because I'm very confident in my sterility. The BA doesn't sterilize it the filtering does as you said.
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    As far as I know, yes. If you filter it you will be using sterile oil and if you get it through a filter without hurting the filter due to heat it's cool enough to pin.
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    You do not want to pin anything that is hot. Much safer to just wait for it to get to room temp. As me how I know.... :mad:
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    Good call
  17. How do you know, Doc?
    What!? He asked! :D
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    It must be like when you eat something that is way too hot.
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    Had some tren that crystallized so I put some heat on it. My best guess is it got to around 140-150deg. Something drew my attention away and when I came back to the vial, the vial itself wasn't too hot to the touch so I thought nothing of it and drew it in a pin and injected it. No sooner am I pulling the pin out of my quad than this fire feeling came all over my leg. It felt like the inside of my leg was being dipped in molten steel. I felt like my leg was on fire. I put some ice on it and found a can of compressed air and sprayed it'll side down to freeze the area. Nothing helped. It took hours for the feeling to go away. Tried squatting later that night....even worse idea.
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    Damn man the bottom of my mouth is still burnt from last week when I ate this burger.
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