Bringing Men's Health into the Limelight

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    Bringing Men's Health into the Limelight

    Considering the recent interest in men’s health in general, and in the health of older men in particular, the publication of this special issue is timely. The original research work published in this issue reports on

    i) association of physical activity with hospitalizations in men,

    ii) association of inflammatory markers with frailty in men,

    iii) risk of falls and fractures in men with low bone mass and low muscle mass,

    iv) association of muscle mass (assessed with D3-creatine) with physical function and falls in men, and

    v) metabolomic profiling of men with prostate cancer (PCa) to predict survival and mortality.

    Additionally, this special issue also includes a comprehensive review on age-related changes in testicular anatomy and function.

    Basaria S. Bringing Men's Health into the Limelight. 2019. Bringing Men's Health into the Limelight

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