British UGLs business booming, who to watch?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Millard Baker, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Millard Baker

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    Ok today British steroid law changed. This is GREAT news for UGLs in the UK. They could not have dreamed of such a windfall. Basically, the new amended law eliminates all competition from internet sources on the internet and/or outside the UK. It also gets rid of that "medicinal product" requirement which makes UGL steroids explicitly LEGAL to possess.

    So who will thrive as a result of this change in steroid law --> UK Bodybuilders Who Import Steroids Considered Criminals Beginning Today
  2. DanB

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    its a new day, I assume many sources expected this and hence why may have changed to shipping from uk in recent months

    also i am in ireland and have never had a seizure, if there ever was a safe haven then ireland is the place
  3. hulkhogan

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    That's because YOU ARE FROM IRELAND. As you state 100 times Eurok..I mean Dan.

    It's a different ball game here. We're happy for you that you're in a shit hole that uses donkey's to check incoming mail but we live in a civilized country here with top technology at our customs. That's the whole point Einstein. You won't get a seizure because you're in a second world shit hole so enough with your bragging Euro..I mean Dan.
  4. DanB

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    what was your name on because you seem to have a serious problem with me,

    you moan about canada prices? i have canidan domestic sources cheaper then yours and im thousands of miles away ann just know them from mods/vets now stop trying chasing me around the board discounting what i say and get a fvcking life
  5. hulkhogan

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    I buy 90% of my stuff face to face internet nerd.
  6. DanB

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    and if you try call b.s. get your facts straight, i dont use ek anymore, i used to and they served me well but were expensive, now i have cheaper sources (named on this board) so how the fvkc am i affiliated with them, they have reps on other boards and enough customers, why the fvck would they pay me to pick up 10 customers from meso, get a grip will you
  7. DanB

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    at 20 dollar a amp like you stated in another thread, yeah good for you but my question is this, why pay the middle man like your doing? if they import it then why cant you and cut them out?
  8. hulkhogan

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    You might want to check the laws in North America regarding importing anabolic steroids and buying.
    In Canada it's legal to posses and no one has ever been convicted buying a small amount. Importing is a different story. Many charges and convictions.

    As I said you are in Ireland. It's like Pakistan. So what if you can get a vial of juice (fake most likely) for $3.00 a pop. The whole point is getting it into North America that makes it expensive . I can't put it in any more simple terms for you.
  9. DanB

    DanB Junior Member

    are you on steroid-forums? they have many domestic canidian sources as sponsers, not pharm grade they ugl but substantially cheaper than prices you pay
  10. Gamba

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    Meanwhile back on topic.........this could also start a number of more scammers appearing in the UK. Give it a few weeks and see how many more UGLs suddenly appear.
  11. hulkhogan

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    Actually my guess is they will start faking the real deal like the late 90's. UK had some amazing fakes.