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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Daver, Oct 10, 2018.

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    I broke my 9th rib on my left side this weekend. Have been running tren test mast and hgh since august seeing good progress, i was bulking and but now that this happend i cant lift shit right now. Im thinking of switching to a cut. 350 test 700 tren and either 700 mast or 350 primo plus some Anavar? and as much gh as i can afford. Im a beginner when it comes to t3 t4 and clen so a quick rundown on how to use that would be great.
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    I feel your pain dude. My kid had a parents against kids end of soccer season game. The field was wet and i didn't have cleats... needless to say even though my fall was spectacular the broken rib wasn't.

    I didnt train for 2 weeks just to let it set right. Then went back lightly. You're probably right to turn your run into a cut.
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    Yeah mine was so dumb im embarrased to talk about it. Me and a friend were hammerd fucking around like usual and he hit me with a shot to the rib cage and just like that my cycle fuckin ruined. But to be honest ive been getting a lil bored of eating the same shit all the time i think maybe a 3 week break eating in a deficit and hopefully dropping 6 or 7 pounds of fat might be good for a change

    Im thinking of trying alternate daily fasting. On fast days taking 10 or 15 iu of gh. It would be nice to hear if anyones tried this?
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    Might as well drop everything other than HRT and maybe some growth. Mine wasn't a rib but I've been using hgh for my broken vertebrae. Not the dosages you are speaking of. Much lower. If it's helping to heal quicker I cannot tell. In fact according to the doctors I'm about a month behind where I should be. It's very possible that I reinjured myself before healing was complete. I was stir crazy after being stuck in bed for months. If you can afford it I'd try it. I'm curious to see your results.
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  5. Sorry to hear that,stay strong get well.
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    Should i add in npp for faster joint repair? I have it sitting here in the cupboard above the sink.
    Test 500 ish
    tren 350
    Npp 350
    Mast 700
    Gh 7.5 iu
    Caber .5 eod
    Rimadex .5 eod

    I dont think im going to do the cut because im recovering fast as fuck.
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    Even though it might feel like your healing fast, bones still need time to set/ fuse. Maybe the Doc can weigh in on the matter.

    With my broke rib, my physio guy told me no bent over rowing movements, or rows period, as well as movements that open up the chest or compress it, ie flys, chest presses. Just sayin.
  8. Daver

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    Does running 350 to 420 primo make sense with npp? Or am i wasting primo?

    Im taking npp for its muscle preservation