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    I've never considered getting into PL because I'm old and had several serious knee ligament tears which required surgery.

    But over the last two or three months I've slowly been squatting heavier for the first time ever and managed 5 reps @ 462lb tonight. It didn't feel too tough, even though I jumped from 396, which was my previous PR.

    The squat racks in my gym suck total ass - they're Hammer Strength ones with fixed catch points rather than a single adjustable j-hook, and because my shoulders are wide the worst part of the squat is re-racking. I often pinch the skin on my hands, but worse, have to move to the left or right to properly rack the bar, and have to kinda get on the tips of my toes at times.

    The positives are that the knee pain I've always accepted as normal has gone away completely, and my quads are responding favourably.

    Because I'm a novice lifter, I've decided to keep my workouts simple:


    I may throw in ancillary days because I get depressed when I have to spend too much time in my wife's company.

    I'm not sure how good my form is, so seriously consider getting in some sessions with a national-level coach I've been referred to. Just because I haven't torn something doesn't mean I'm doing it right.

    I haven't done 1rep maxes on anything other than the bench, which was a while ago @ 440lbs.

    PRs on back squat is 5x396 and 4x462 on DL.

    For reference, I'm 45 @ 5'11 and ~300lb. Using knee sleeves for squats and wrist wraps on the bench.

    Diet is low carb high protein.

    Current supps:

    50mg Anavar

    .5ml 250mg test e
    1ml 100mg mast prop
    1ml 100mg npp
  2. Subbed! ill be following along for sure.

    any plans for a meet?
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    I haven't even thought that far :) For me, PL is just a personal objective rather than something competitive. My one dilemma is that I really want to lose weight, but expect that it will clash with going heavy.

    That's one of the reasons I've started this thread - I'd love to hear of ways to stay strong and healthy while still increasing my lifts.
  4. Masters Power

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    The only lift likely to go down a bit for you while losing weight is bench.

    You should be able to drop a significant amount of weight, if you want to, while still maintaining or possibly even increasing your squat and deadlift numbers.
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    I agree fully, particularly at my novice level. I've always considered my squats and deadlifts extremely mediocre because of my high bf%,
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    Any particular 5x5 program?
  7. Masters Power

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    Your numbers are solid. Squatting should be easier with a bit lower bf% and less stressful on the knees as well.
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    Nope. I've decided to do 5x5 of dl, bp and squats 3 times per week, while gradually increasing the weights. Obviously it's easy at the moment, so I still do isolation stuff like bicep curls and shrugs on the off days, but will happily drop some of those eventually.

    Is their an out-of-box program you would suggest? I kinda just dropped the reps and increased the weight because of some random reading.
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    Just flaring my knees out seem to have already been a massive relief. As well as engaging them aggressively :)

    Also, doing hammer curls with the 80's only impresses the dude next to you, while >4 plates gets the whole gym wet.
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    mobility bro, respect it.

    subbed for the gains
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    That was one of my questions. I have zero shoulder mobility, and struggle to squat in the tight cages at my gym. Does it matter at all though?

    I've never done any significant pre- or post workout stretching, and consider it a waste of time at this stage.
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    If you don't prehab now you will be in rehab like me. Mobility is a massive issue with these workouts. Be ahead of the issues with this, playing catch up is a recipe for disaster
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    This makes me reconsider things. However, I am not talking about depth when squatting or DL form though. Rather, I cannot get my hands behind my ears, and feel most comfortable with my hands almost touching the plates when I squat.
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    I like strong lifts 5x5, followed by Mad cow and then wendler5/3/1.
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    Thanks man. I just don't see the point for a noob like me to overcomplicate things too much, particularly because every google hit delivers a new opinion :)

    If after a month of 5x5's a particular lift suffers, I plan to either separate it from the daily routine, or add more gear
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    When it comes to injuries I feel like I hit a patch of bad luck so I'm very cautious and vocal about it. Don't let me turn you away from it. Your approach seems good tbh, slower and steady. I went balls deep right out of the gate
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    Lots of older guys (I'm over 50) have shoulder mobility issues and squat competitively with their hands either very close to or touching the inside collars. In most feds you can't out your hands over the collars but the outside of your hand can touch them.
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    They have a 5x5 strong lifts Android app. Tracks everything and calculates weights. Makes it pretty easy.
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    Agreed. Also, bigger guys can have trouble getting into a good starting position in the deadlift. I've seen it several times.... A guy loses some gut and he's way stronger off the floor due to better initial position.
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    Your a big ol boy brother. Solid lifts for sure. Ill be subbed as well. Be safe an kill it.....
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