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    Back home again...

    So! I'm sitting at 272 this morning (6'2") and went to bed at 278 last night- bigger than I have ever been. I have been cruising (ha!) On a gram of eq a week for about 8 weeks now with a trt dose (150) of test. I was running 6-9 iu seros a day for about 4 months.... but niggas is broke these days so I hopped off those last week. My cycle? Real simple. I am going to run a gram of eq a week for the next 18 weeks and pulse npp at 100mg ed in 3-4 week bursts with 1-2 weeks off npp in between. I got magnificent growth doing this recently and I didn't feel tren poisoned so fuck it. Npp it is. I hate orals- I have proviron I'm going to run at some point, I have some tren that might rear it's head but for the time being I am experiencing great gains without a ton of gear (subbing a ton of food in its place) so why bother.

    I would say bf is 12-13%? Maybe I'm being nice. I'll post pics once I get to a home computer later tonight. You can tell me. I am eating 6-7000 calories a day, 400 grams minimum protein and gaining well. You know the drill.

    Training is going to be about 45 days of fst7 style training, and october 1st I will switch to pure powerlifting. Right now bench is 400, squat is maybe 425 and deadlift is 545 running a maximum hypertrophy style training for almost a year now. I cannot wait to switch - but I will. I want to hit 290. Personal goal- and I am paying a coach and joining a farming cooperative for food- plus September is fiscal end at the office so.... October 1st is powerlifting day.

    I just wanted to start the log as I have been putting it off- and I miss y'all. Let's do this motherfucking shit!
  2. Subbed ----you guys will truly take it to the next level . I dedicate the Hercules statue pic to Brutus , a modern Hercules ....:D
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    I'm sure you'll hit your 290 mark!!!
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    Well that said....... Let's get this shit rollin'

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    In for this, get freaky!
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    That's a lot of food! I like the lower dose approach with the sups, I'm going that route myself right now. Higher doses for me have only equaled more negative sides, not more gains like I was hoping for. Guess there really are no shortcuts!
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    So I guess you force feed @brutus79 . I'm still trying to master that.
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    Subbed all the way for this one. I need the motivation for this last little stretch of my cycle. Time to get big and strong for you guys.
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    ghrp-6 is the secret, for me at least. I don't think Brutus uses peptides at all.
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    best luck on the 290lb are within range of it, shouldn't be a problem
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    Time to get this show started.
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  13. I like it :D
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    In on another great log by Brutus and jb. Get this going!
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    Subbed!!! This is goona be a great log, NO DOUBT!!!!
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    Aww sh*t. You know I'm sub'd on this. Im excited to see where this takes you guys.
    And those are some impressive started numbers. I'm trying to my damn hardest to get close to where you're at!
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    Fuck yeah!!! MONSTER UP!!!!!!!
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    You already knew i alwas going to be subbed. Lets get this shit. Good luck guys. I will be enjoying the ride along;)
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  19. Subb'd! I know the feeling; I love the fuck out of Npp too. Back to the grind, Go get it fellas!
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    I forgot to ask if the farmers co-op means no trips to play water pollo after training...:p Lol
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