BTC value is dropping. Where will it stop?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by *Hawk, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. *Hawk

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    I finally got around to buying some bitcoin a few days ago and while I'm waiting on this dickhead to send me his wallet info I've lost about $60.00 lol. I think he's deliberately holding off because the value is dropping.

    So, how low will it get before it starts to stabilize again?
  2. outkicked1

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    I noticed that too. Just dropped hard.

    I bought $140, in the two minutes it took me to send it it lost a dollar fifty in value.

    Nuckin futs
  3. Sk8man101

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    RIP Circle
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  4. Cyrix

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    Btc has always been volatile as fuck.
  5. Gbro

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    It's dropping because it's about to be regulated and lose its value for money laundering.
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  6. MythotiK

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  7. *Hawk

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    What do you mean by regulated?
  8. *Hawk

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    Nevermind, I'm googling it!
  9. Rupling

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    Absolutely! But that is the price we all pay to have an unregulated, private form of currency ;) There are always trade-offs in life....I'm willing to accept some volatility in return for privacy and freedom.
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  10. Currently @ $1319 and dropping.

    Edit: thought this was under 1k but false alarm.