Büchner funnel on media bottle

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by superbane, May 1, 2018.

  1. superbane

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    just curious if anyone has a quick solution for running a Büchner funnel on a glass media bottle?

    I seen a few conversion adapters at some manufacturers websites?
    Yet the pricing on these are a bit obscene to me, Just trying to see if this could be done cheaper?

    Anyone running a Buchner w/media bottle ?

    Wanted to use the media bottle because one could cap it let it sit to see if everything holds and then later draw from it.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. superbane

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  3. daylight driller

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    If you have a sterile media bottle I would just pour directly from the flask to the media bottle.
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    Thanks, for taking the time to respond. Appreciate it.
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    @daylight driller one other question for you if you will be so kind to answer.

    Do you autoclave your membrane filters to make them sterile or do you use the type that are already sterile in your Buchner ?

    The only kind that I seem to be able to locate that come sterile are MCE.

    I've read conflicting things on what mce is supposedly able to filter as well.

    Which has lead me to just use the 47mm nylon .2

    Yet like I stated I can not locate any that come already sterile.
  6. daylight driller

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    I h
    I have quit brewing but millapore use to make some that were sterile. They were alittle pricey compared to others but still a dramatic savings. If you have an autoclave make sure they are safe to autoclave before you do so
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  7. superbane

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    I've looked on the webpages of emd and a few others and I can't even find any brand that makes sterile ones in nylon or ptfe...

    But they all make sterile filters in MCE

    When you were brewing did you ever use MCE?

    Thank you for taking your time to answer.
    Sorry to single you out my apologies.
    Doesn't seem like many use Buchner around here.
  8. daylight driller

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    No i never used mce I will look and see if I can find a link if so I will post it.
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  9. daylight driller

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    On ebay they have the millapore that are expensive. If you are not worried about it thsy have several china sellers that are dirt cheap if you search 47mm .22 pvdf. Screenshot_20180507-140823.png
  10. superbane

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    Thank you very much I appreciate your help!