bulk and cut for non competitor?

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    I figure bulk and cut is a waste of time for someone who doesn't compete? I don't always time it perfect for the summer and some summers I end up losing some muscle and 5lbs lighter at the same fat percentage. should I just do a constant recomp? would that just be staying on my tdee and maybe raising protein percentage to help gains?
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    Everyone can benefit from proper bulk and cut phases. Competitors typically do better with them because being on stage in front of a large group of people in a posing suit is a great motivator to get it right and there's that whole wanting to win thing too. :)

    If you're already struggling with just maintenance level eating then I'd suggest doing very short 4-8 weeks mini bulk and cut phases just to get a grip on the effort it takes to accomplish both. Both protocols require dedication and you must make them a priority or you will fail.

    Bulking requires a lot of extra food prep and force feeding at times. The option to not eat or eat later isn't there. You must get it in to be in a surplus.

    Cutting has it's own set of challenges. Skipping food when you're already in a deficit isn't an option and food prep is super important so you don't eat things not on the menu.
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    I don't struggle with maintenance level eating and im good about food prep but maybe my macros were to low for my last cut. I tend to get carried away on the bulk. I usually hit around 205 guessing at 20 percent then by the time I hit 185 I can see striations and am very happy. last year I hit 210 and I didn't get the same lean until about 175 so maybe I was to far below tdee to make up for the extra fat. at what fat percentage do you start reeling the bulk back in?
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    This indicates there is an issue with the approach to your diet. This is what I'm referring too.

    Perhaps it's more your initial tabulation of macros for the diet structure rather than you struggling with the day to day application of the plan.

    If you're gaining to much fat during your bulks and dropping muscle during your cutting then you need to spend more time researching and tabulating your macros.

    Getting too fat during a bulk typically means you're not being honest about your intake or over estimating your caloric needs. There are several resources out there to help you understand when your bulk needs to end. Here's a good place to start:

    There's way too much to a proper cut protocol that allows for low single digit BF% while maintaining muscle to list here and a lot of it needs to be personalized to the individual's specific requirements. The basics are here on MESO, but it'll take some searching.
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    I tend to see a physique I like and follow their protocol. frank zane only ate his body weight in protein during cuts so that's what I followed. he allowed himself to go hungry longer and longer toward end of cut which was something new I did this summer and lost the muscle. you are right, more research and find out my personalized individual needs.
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    Following exactly what others do will never work... You aren't that person or in this case, frank Zane... You need to experiment and figure out what works for you and your body.. It takes time.. But once you figure it out you'll have a much easier time and probably make better progress...
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    Maybe hire a good coach to take you through the different phases...
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    Atlas Physiques
  9. Unless you don't give a fuck about how you look I would say that cutting/bulking cycles are imperative for anyone interested in bodybuilding, especially if you are using gear.

    The only thing that should change is your body fat set point, by that I mean since you won't compete there isn't any need of going below 10%. What I personally do is rotate between 15%-20% on my cutting/bulking cycles since I don't care about competing either.
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    wonder if I could afford a coach. I will have to look into that. I would like to compete in masters in a few years.
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    found an atlas physiques in England north mich. im in chicago
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    Hey man! Just on the other side of the lake from me.

    Atlas Physiques - can’t say enough good about them

    @mands @Wunderpus
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