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    in the grand scheme of things is there really any reason to go over 4-5k calories ever if your goal is 220lbs lean.
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    If you have high metabolism and based on your height weight your lifestyle and training yeah maybe it needs to however 5k calories is enough for a lot of people.

    When I started I was extremely ecto I start with 4K didn’t get me anywhere near that I wanted to be I increase to 5k and I was getting somewhere then I added tren 5k and I was lean out so for me 4-5k to maitance and slowly adding mass on a cruise and 6-7k while on tren to add size . However on low test cycle only 500mg I gain with 5k.

    See what works for you for me even on a cut I can’t how lower than 3.8-4K calories
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    Yes .. Like mentioned above, your metabolism etc comes into play here. I can't gain an ounce on less than 3800, and I'm not a big guy, just fast metabolism. I usually have to go over 4000 to gain...

    My last test tren cut was still taking in 2800 daily...
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