Bulking cycle test/deca/adrol

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by buildthebody, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. buildthebody

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    Weeks 1-14 test cyp 400mg/wk
    Weeks 4-14 deca 200mg/wk
    Weeks 4-8 adrol 75mg/wk

    Current stats
    5’10 1/2”

    NPC Classic physique competitor
    And this is a current photo .
    Thoughts feed back ?
    Going I be eating in a clean 500-1000g surplus training 6 days a week I like to work opposite muscles ie; chest and back
    Looking to gain at least 5-8lbs when all is said and done .

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  2. Evom1

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    I'd say it looks good. Conservative doses. Although I'd suggest the Anadrol weeks 1-4 vs 4-8
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  3. tengtren

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    That's pretty good, as Evom said, I'd use the drop either 1-4 or 10-14

    Do you plan on pct or cruise?

    I guess you mean 500-1000 cal surplus ?

    What's made you choose Anadrol?
  4. buildthebody

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    Yes I’m taking about a caloric surplus and I’ve tried dbol for 5 weeks first 3 @ 37.5mgs/day and last 2 @ 50mg/day. Decent strength not much size gain, I’ve heard adrol producing heavier gains with less water retention , but I always take the approach of good diet and training and the drugs are just N extra help. And I’m not sure if i will pct right away or cruise and blast some tren ace with winny before my next show, I qualified for 2019s nationals so may give it ago if I don’t or even d I do I will compete in August again regRdless . Thanks for your input.
  5. buildthebody

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    I’ve already started the cyp and the deca and adrol is on its way