Bulking, fewer big meals or more smaller meals?

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  1. CAswole

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    Looking at this purely from a bulking standpoint would it be more beneficial to eat larger, less frequent meals or spread them out? For example, 4 meals at 1,250 cals each, or 7 meals at 715 cals each? I read an article by i think Mike Arnold that suggested this as a way to slow your metabolize during a bulk.
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    I am sure there is science behind meal timing in a bulk... but I just make sure I am near puking full all the time. Eat a huge meal before bed. Eat every time you wake up. When I started night eating it made a big difference... I just had a tub of whatever and would bare fist it.
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  3. Eman

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    I believe fewer big meals are shown to be more anabolic.

    With that said, you really have to just do what works for you. It's tough to make a plan for this because you have to base the decision on what works for you. You may not be able to stomach huge meals for long before you give up on it... It isn't nearly as fun as it sounds when it goes on for weeks at a time.

    Digestion is another big factor if you're going to do big meals. If you can strike a good balance with digestion, you'll be much better off. It's becoming something of a fad but I really like the vertical diet philosophy for bulking because it tries to optimize digestion.

    Then again, late night peanut butter sessions... It's tough to hate that and you can watch the scale go up by the minute with that shit.
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    I found that instinctive eating when hungry always helped me grow but not put on too much fat. You eat more and you lift bigger and you get hungrier, and let the cycle take it's course as you grow. I think sometimes being too nit picky about just how many meals a day can be a mindfuck and also make me lethargic
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    All good advice. I find that I need a bit more scheduling. As a trucker it's easy for me to get distracted with running from job to job Etc and 4 hours will pass and I'll realize I haven't eaten. So having something lockdown that I have to stick to you helps me.
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    Only way to know is to run it yourself both ways...
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  7. Xlgx

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    Only way to know is to run it yourself both ways...
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    Lol gotcha the first time
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  9. Btcowboy

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    My 2 cents, whatever works best for you. I myself prefer multiple smaller meals. I cant eat enough if I ate less times and larger amounts.
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  10. Xlgx

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    Total calories may be the same by end of day but another important factor to consider is digestion efficiency.
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  11. CAswole

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    Also true. Yes they're big meals I'm talking about but i think maybe with assistance from some digestive enzymes could make digestion and nutrient absorption better.
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  12. fodsod

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    Good topic and it really boils down to getting in your desired number of calories in 24 hours regardless of how. Then it re-sets and you do it again and again and again.

    Optimally, smaller meals allows you to better time your specific macros around training, cardio, insulin usage and so forth. Here's the thing though, for some the term bulking is different than for others.

    To many of us who have a tremendous amount of experience bulking then cutting it down to see the actual gains we've all come to the conclusion that you must be committed to the program regardless. You are miserably full all the time but you still make yourself eat when it's time. You trust the program and know that you're doing what's required and some fat will be added but there is an end goal so the fat will be removed later. A surplus is just that, a surplus.

    To some, the term bulking is used loosely to mean they eat a little more on the days they feel like it or gorge themselves once a week on crap food. That's not really a bulking program.

    A true well thought out bulking program is just like a cutting program. It has a start date and an end date with a specific goal attached. It also has detailed specifications as to the graduated calorie consumption just as a cut would have a declining calorie schedule. Granted, there is some adjustment required as you go but the basic structure is in place from the beginning.

    You can monitor your parameters and try to keep bf accumulation to a minimum, do a 4 week mini cut in the middle of the bulk to reset insulin sensitivity and set up for a mini re-bound effect and still be bulking but in the end you're still pushing to eat the calories you require to push up your weight weekly. That's truly bulking.
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  13. Xlgx

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    Coincidentally, a good article posted on this subject on tnation ;)
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    Ok, yea this is definitely understandable
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    Link? I'm lazy:)
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    Good response dude. Thx
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  17. Arcânn

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    I'd say whatever you can actually stick with. Eating fewer smaller meals is better for making sure you can actually get all the calories, but everyone has their preferences that they swear by. I personally like to get full, but not like miserably full. If I fill up too much, it'll be hours before I can will myself to eat again and if I have too many calories left in the day, that's a bad situation.
  18. Hawkins

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    All good advice.

    However you roll, add in digestive enzymes and a probiotic and the mass of food is much more tolerable.
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  19. Ironlord

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    As a "hardgainer" that hates eating I always struggled with the eat till you're full thing... I just found that eating the standard bodybuilding foods kept me so full that I could never be hungry for my next meal a few hours later ...

    Been doing the vertical diet for months now and I'm finding I'm starving within an hour of eating my last meal, yet my calorie and protein intake is higher than ever simply due to eating foods my body digests better ..

    I started with 4oz of beef and 4oz white rice, 5x/day, and I'm now up to 6oz servings, and putting it away easily... Ive recently changed the beef to bison though just for something different....
  20. Arcânn

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    Will definitely look into this before my cycle. Never considered that before