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    Trying to gain a decent amount.

    1-6 400mg HG Test E
    7-12(15?) 400mg HG Test E, 500 UGL Test E
    1-6 400mg UGL NPP
    7-12(15?) 600mg UGL NPP
    7-12(13?) 200-300mg tren A
    and 75-100mg dbol thrown in there somewhere, i’m thinking 3-6.

    I’ve run both 19’s simultaneously and haven’t run into any prolactin sides. Will get blood work done every 3-4 weeks. I see a top urologist and endo during my cycles and i’m sure they have an idea of what I do. They prescribe blood pressure meds and other things if they see anything a little out of range. Luckily, that’s only been losartan at 25mg’s lol. My cholesterol/HDL&LDL never get too crazy, even on stacked orals. With that said, watcha think?
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    DBol is one of my favorites and with tren.... yum. 75-100 mgs, how often? Seems way low for weekly, daily? If so, that would be at least twice what I have run and saw solid results with.