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    Had a cbc bloodtest done by my GP.

    My BUN/Creatinine level was 21 (range 9-20)
    BUN was 28 (range 6-24)
    Creatinine 1.31 (range 0.76- 1.27)

    I supplement with creatine and have been eating a lot more protein per day. I only had about 1 glass of water before the test.

    These numbers don't look alarming to me but my GP is kind of freaked out since their elevated from test results 2 years ago. I didn't mention the creatine supplentation or additional protein intake since he's just a mainstream type doctor.

    Anyone have any input?
  2. Any one that works out hard these can be elevated or if one is possible dehydrated, taking creatine or even high protein consumption
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    The additional protein could easily raise the BUN.
    Dehydration will raise creatinine levels but so will renal impairment and that is a serious matter.
    I would run the test again and make sure you are well hydrated this time.
    If creatinine has been evalated in the past the it should definitely be looked into. Tell the doctor everything. He undrstands this much better that you might think. Most of them actually DO learn some things in school.
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  4. virtuosa150

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    Thanks for the reply.

    My last creatinine result 2 years ago was near the top of the range. I'm thinking that having only one glass of water before the test and the use of creatine give an artifically high result.

    As for the BUN, I think I had a large steak the night before.

    I'm not too concerned with these results. I will get retested in a couple of months, not eating a lot of protein the night before and hydrating myself before the test.
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    For peace of mind I decided to have a Cystatin-C test (Jan. 2011) because of the abnormal readings on my Creatinine and eGFR levels. My readings for the past 18 months for those two test suggest that I may have CKD(Chronic Kidney Disease). My readings before creatine supplementation have always been borderline abnormal.

    My results from the Cystatin -C test were: .70 Reference range: .50-.95
    These results put in the middle of the normal range.

    From these results a "relative" GFR and a "absolute" GFR can be calculated.
    Serum cystatin C is superior to serum creatinine as
    See the following link for interpretation:(scroll down to page 3 of insert on web page)

    The two "GFR"'s are calculated using formulas from this web page.
    Cystatin C Immunoassay - Gentian.no

    Both the Cystatin-C and GFR are both in the middle of the normal range. This suggest that my kidney function is normal.

    The serum creatinine blood test that Labcorp offers does not take into the account a person's dietary consumption and muscle mass from weightlifting and exercise.

    New test can predict complications from kidney disease - Urology / Nephrology News - -
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    Thats a good renal function reference thread. We ought to keep it handy for future refrence.
    Let me add that the creatinine clearance reference range scale is not a linear one as is, for example, serum T. If the mean CrCl is 1.0 and you are at 2.0 have lost a LOT more than half your kidney function. I couple tenths consistantly above the high end IS cause for concern if other possible causes have been ruled out. Renal function is one of my main areas of study as I have a significant degree of renal impairment due to RAS.
  7. virtuosa150

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    Does anyone know if having high RBC, Hemoglobin and hematocrit would have anything to do with the BUN and creatinine being elevated?

    It seems that these blood tests have been somewhat high the last 3 years tested.

    I have an appointment coming up with my doctor that's handling my hrt. He'll be able to give my explainations for these results.
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    nothing to mess with-- for the record my creatinine has ALWAYS been at top of normal or slighty above.

    Last test I drank 3 quarts of water in the morning and had blood drawn in afternoon. BUN has always been in range and creatrinine and BUN were well within range after hydrating well. My MD has known I have lifted heavy and often for 40 years. He expected creatinine to be high normal.
  9. zkt

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    RBC, Hemoglobin and hematocrit have to do with kidney function in that EPO is made in the kidney (and liver) and is the pregenitor of RBC. But as renal function decreases so does EPO production but not initially with very mild impairmrnt.
    Elevated RBC, Hemoglobin and hematocrit are commonly due to elevated testosterone altho the method by which this occurs apparently isnt by way of incresed EPO production.
  10. virtuosa150

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    Interesting, although I don't think my elevated levels are due to my TRT since blood tests from 2009 (before TRT) showed elevated RBC etc.

    I probably should see some type of blood specialist to tie all these things together.

    As a side note, those are some interesting avatar photos. What's up with them? The home designs look much like houses in CT. Am I right with this?
  11. zkt

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    There are definitely other reasons for high RBC etc. You might also want to look into platelets count-- well the complete CBC. All the cells derive from the same pregenitors in the bone marrow. I little on the high RBC side isnt a bad thing.
    No, not even close to CT but they are unique enough to be listed on the National Registry of Historic Old Homes. Just a roofing job I`m doing.
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    Platlets were at the bottom of the range.
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    My hematlogy textbook is about 10 inches thick. There is an amazing amout of stuff to understand. I just hit the highlights. It not unusual for individuals to be a bit abnormal in one aspect or another.
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    Yeah, I don't think there's much to worry about with these numbers. Thanks for your replies to my posts.

    Don't fall off the roof. It looks like a long drop. I have a rancher, not too far to fall.