Burned by sources. Need help please

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  1. Jvkw

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    What’s going on. Just made this account out of pure frustration and anger with other websites. In September I made an order with a very reputable source online for test E and Tbol. I did test E 500mg (basic cycle) for 7 weeks and came to conclusion the gear must have been bad. I had zero strength gains etc. that was awhile ago and the tbol did nothing. I took it for 5 weeks and nothing occurred and the lab could not show lab results on the tbol. After that issue I decided to try a new source with tren Ace. I am on week four day 3. 31 days of tren ace 700mg a week. 350mg test prop a week. Running an AI also. I have yet to have sides, gains, body fat changes, appetite changes, hardness changes, nothing. I actually feel and look worse in my opinion then when I started. Keep in mind. Both cycles I attempted to run. My diet was in a small surplus, protein at 240, fat at 110 and carbs between 400-500. I weigh 183-187lb at 5’9 and roughly 10-12%bf. Clean Whole Foods and zero cheating. Also, training was excellent. I have a coach who does posing and all that. I am 24 years old and have been training 5 years naturally on and off. The last year and a half was pure consistent and diet was consistent and clean. Overall, I tried one source for just cheap old tbol and test E. Was positive it was bad. It’s been 31 days on tren ace and no sign of anything. Assuming it’s bad gear again. I am here to ask. What should I do. I want to keep pursuing this but after loosing all this money and getting burned by top online sources on via steroid source talk or eroids I truly am lost for words. Does it sound normal to be at day 31 of test ace at such a extreme dosage with no sides or gains?
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    No way 4 weeks at 100mg ed you'll defenitaly notice.
    Do more research and find a better source
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  3. Jvkw

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    Thank you, do you have any personal experiences with online sources and tren? I want to get some good gear for once. Like I said, tried steroid source talk top labs and I’ve been burned so I am lost. Any suggestions will go a long way. Thanks
  4. Eman

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    Who are the sources you used?
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  5. Have you ever even ran a proper cycle before lol?
  6. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Anyone that is PMing you suggested sources right now does NOT have your best interests in mind. You need to read. Start in the Underground to read reviews and take a look at the “steroid lab testing” section. Good labs have test reports.

    This is all on you here. Nobody is going to give you a good2go unless they have a secret benefit on the backend.
  7. Jvkw

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    Srx, southern compounding
  8. Jvkw

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    All the labs I chose had lab results with excellent purity. Did not come here to be told to do research. Did research and was burned twice. Hence why I am angry.
  9. I'd get a bloodtest for total test for 60 or 70, if it came back at 2000 or 2500 the prop is good...
  10. AlwaysHungry

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    Lab results says nothing
    Source is only good as his last batch
    Plenty of legit sources in the steroid underground
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  11. Jvkw

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    I’m 100% down to research whatever I need to and find a valid source I just want suggestions on where to look. I tried SST and eroids and been burned so want to look somewhere else in hope of better luck
  12. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    What does your blood tests show? If you have been on since September, then your natty testosterone would be shut down, LH and FH would be zero, and your estrogen would also have a value to it. These would all be indicators.

    If your test was actually bunk then the AI you are randomly taking would crash your estrogen. You'd feel like complete shit. Your dick would be limp all the time too.

    Testosterone raws are cheap as shit so I find it hard to believe that two different labs gave you bunk gear. You can't base it on feels alone.
  13. ironwill1951

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    I totally agree without bloods your just complaining with no evidence.
    I think its very rare to get bunk gear anymore.
  14. Jvkw

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    I believe the prop from
    Soco is real. It is way too cheap to fake. I agree. But the tren is the issue. 31 days on ace and nothing?
  15. Jvkw

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    Issue isn’t the prop. It’s the tren ace. 31 days on ace and zero side effects are at 700mg and no benefits. Strength gains etc
  16. Human_backhoe

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    What do blood tests say?
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  17. I am PMing you...
  18. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    You can still get a blood test. Use the standard “Roche ECLIA method for estrogen”. Tren returns a false positive using this method and as a result the estrogen numbers will be reported falsely high.

    You ran Test E at 500 with Tbol, didn’t think you were seeing anything so you dove in head first and ran Tren at 700 mg/week?

    Incidentally, when I run Tren I don’t see any sides until the 5th or 6th week and then it slams me hard and it’s all I can do to get to week 8. Everyone is different.
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    He came here for handouts and no research guys, aww poor baby got burned, keep checking e roids then kid. No sympathy for stupidity
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    Been having a hard time finding reliable sources myself. Even reading the entire subforum seems like ya never know for sure what's gonna haplen
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