Business loans for foreigners???

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by Grizzly, Aug 9, 2005.

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    Grizzly Member

    How is it that foreigners who leave their country because they are sleeping on dirt floors with 15 other people can come here and open up 300,000 dollar businesses? No shit, my training partner is from Poland and his mother, who works at a bank, earns $400 a MONTH. Everything costs the same in Poland as it does here, so, if she came here, where would she get the jack to open a business?

    My buddy says that gov't gives shit tons of loans, tax deferments and other incentives to foreigners to open a business. Is this true? It has to be. How else do they get the cash?

    Why in the fuck is the American gov't taking American citizens tax dollars to give to Indians? This doesn't make sense at all. Plus, why would you give a poonjab a bunch of cash to open a liquor store? Drinking isn't even socially acceptable in India. Those bastards don't know about what makes a good liquor store. I do! And, yet, no one will give me shit to open a business so I can stop working for these cocksuckers I currently do.

    Somebody explain this to me, please.
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    CyniQ Junior Member

    There are loans and grants available to you as well. You just have to look for them. I have heard that foreigners get tax deferments for the first few years. So what they do is, utilize those deferments for as longs as they can, and when they're time is up, they sell the business to a family member who just got here so that they can keep getting the benefits. and so on, and so on. They choose cash businesses, like gas stations, and liquor stores to give them more opportunity to rip off the gov't.
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    Grizzly Member

    And they wonder why no one likes their curry-smelling asses. :D Lying, cheating bastards!

    Where does one go to find out about these grants and whatnot? I have several great ideas. I've got a whole chain theme thing going.

    I've got the Grizzly's Cage, which is the bar/club themed towards the overlooked athletes like wrestlers, boxers, fighters and other manly specimens. Cheap drinks for those who I train with and their friends(but still enough for me to make profit). The UFC and Pride PPV's along with great drink specials. Of course, there would be lots of pictures of...ME all over the place. LOL j/k

    Then there is the Grizzly's Den which is the restaurant portion situated nearby the Cage. In there we would serve all sorts of yummy food.

    Addressing the need for quick, healthy, high quality food I have the Grizzly's Pantry. It's a stand alone chain of "fast food" restaurants where you get hamburgers made with legitimate beef. 94% lean. High quality sanwhiches made with actual turkey, chicken, ham; not cold cuts. Homemade protein bars maybe even. I don't want to cater to too much of a niche market like bodybuilders, though. But I think there is a market for real and healthy food made fast.

    My most recent idea is a logistical nightmare. In fact, I think it's an imossibility. While at the liquor store, I decided that an on-line beer store specializing in high-quality beers, but also regular shit, would be great. Sure, you'd have to wait a day or two to receiver your beer, but you could order from 1000's of different beers.

    I was half-way through planning it when I realized that there would be no way to check ID's and I'd end up in the clink faster'n shit. Damn!
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    Weatherlite Junior Member

    Actually, it is possible to do online beer sales I think. My wife is a member of a wine club. The way it's delivered is that the driver will only deliver it to someone in person who is 21 with a valid ID.
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    Grizzly Member

    Cool! Maybe my brainchild can be born after all. I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick of driving 15 miles just to have a little bit of a selection in my beer.
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    MANWHORE Member

    And i catch shit for not paying income tax ... geez
    ... My mother talks to alot of people who do this. They said they would do her taxes next year and get her back thousands instead of $200. They know what they're doing and i say this government is so fucked up already with taking our money,just give it to them.
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    oldtimer Junior Member

    The cage theme and the healthy food chain is an awesome idea, I think it would fly.

    The online liquor store idea sucks.
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    kelleyking Junior Member

    I've read all of your posts and this is something I've been fighting about for years. I've talked to many, many people and we all feel the same about this topic, but we are a "silent majority."

    So what to do? Let us stop being silent.

    First, start writing to your U.S. representatives. Let them know how you feel. This means we have to do a LOT of writing, like in bombarding them, with letters. It is high time, that this practice STOP. It's been going on for years. I first became aware of it back in the 80s when we took in the Vietnamese boat people. Many settled in the city in which I lived and almost immediately were opening gift shops, jewelry stores and cheap restaurants. They went into our local Chinatown, which ruined it. Now they have nail salons in every mall in the country. So this has been going on for far too long. It is not right that services available to foreigners are now available to current citizens. Wouldn't any one of you love a low or no-cost loan to buy your own business???? And think of the infusion of cash into our govt. if these people were paying interest like everyone else.

    The next thing to do is stop patronizing their businesses. Buy at places like Circle K which sells Shell or a Hess station. Most of the others like Chevron and Marathon, franchise their stores and the foreigners buy them. Hess and Circle K are corporate-owned. Same with liquor stores. In FL, we have the ABC chain which I don't believe franchises so I shop there or buy at the supermarket. For hotels, try to find out which chains are more corporate. Unfortunately, not that many are, anymore, but some are owned by management companeis who are American-owned. Holiday Inn, Choice Hotels and Hampton Inn, I know, franchise because I know several of those properties that are owned by Indians. I'm not sure which hotels to sugges but maybe the big ones like Embassy Suites and Double Tree, or the Marriott properties. Anyone have ideas on this one?

    I know it's not always easy to do, since they own so damn many convenience stores. In my last town, we had 2 stores and each was owned by an Indian. So that left few options except I tried to avoid them by stocking up at the regular grocery stores.

    We need to start taking a public stand on this issue. I know our legislators don't like this topic because no one wants to be labeled "racist" or "discriminatory" and that's what usually happens when you challenge something like this. The least they can do is take away the tax-deferred stuff and collect tax and interest from these people.

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    Grizzly Member

    FYI- smarty-pants, but I've totally found on-line liquor stores just like I described. I should have struck while the iron was hot 4 years ago. :p
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    mich29 Junior Member

    you gotta love how the system works.... however it sucks when people take advantage of it

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