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    Buy-Steroids-Online-UK Junior Member

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    newwave Junior Member

    what the hell do you think you are doing posting sources on here, you will fry in the high heavans for this!
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    dossier31 Junior Member

    considering there is nothing in the rules that says he shouldn't do that, who cares? honestly, though, he's just trying to put himself out there. the shit is off the chain for real tho.
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    Bigkarch Member

    just my opinion... dont buy steroids online...anyone who advertise like this is trouble in the making.
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    mac111 Member

    this is a well known scam site in the UK, do not entertain him or his 2 post rep there
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    Mr. Joe

    Mr. Joe Member


    Aren't you reping like two threads up?:D
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    dossier31 Junior Member

    I'm not "repping" anyone brother. I'm simply stating I've ran the gear from both and what my thoughts are. I've been a member here for only a couple hours. I think it's funny that we're in a so called "source review" section. But when someone doesn't conform to your collective mentality towards something you wanna try to flame him or call him a rep. I rarely stray far from my home forum for this very reason. Where I spend my time, we not only objectively review our src's but we run and post our blood work. Call it what you want, but numbers don't lie!
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    Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    I appreciate the loyalty that people show to various forums including MESO. But really, there's no user-generated source review forum anywhere on the internet that is objective. It is only as objective as its individual members. Even the best of forums will have at least a few members trying to covertly promote a source for their own self-interest.

    Any steroid-related forum where some members/vendors have a vested interest in selling steroids will introduce considerable bias to the forum. This is especially true in forums that are specifically designed to promote AAS sales.

    How do were overcome the lack of objective inherent in such forums? IMO, the best way is to have full transparency of the process.

    On most forums, posts that are in opposition to the "collective mentality" or the sponsor's best interests are deleted. We don't do that on MESO. Everyone has their say.

    On MESO's 'Steroid Underground' sub-forum, we don't delete any reviews, positive or negative. We don't censor discussion. We don't protect any sources. We allow the process to play out and come to its own resolution. Then, readers can decide for themselves what to conclude.
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    norbit09 Junior Member

    Send free samples !!!
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    dossier31 Junior Member

    good points and well put. i guess my stance was more along the lines of how quickly i was flamed (not harshly but nevertheless) for posting something positive below someone elses negative rantings towards an obviously lesser experienced person. this happens in our forum, and typically the person will be taken under someone's wing unless they are completely out of line and not willing to learn.

    the point i was only trying to make is that, it is basic human psychology that the majority conform to the consensus. How often do we see someone post a negative review because they didn't get their pack in a 3 days to a week. or because they're enan or cyp hasn't kicked in after 2 weeks, so that say its bogus or underdosed. then people are labeled as scammers because the collective community at times will jump on the band wagon. this is not always the case. as for objectivity... it really boils down to the numbers in terms of lab results. people can say what they want about the gear or the experience, a good portion has no idea what goes into an operation to ensure packs are delivered. one thing that is absolute is the numbers.. that's really what i meant by objectivity. a simple gtg or not gtg just doesn't cut it for me..

    one thing that bothered me the most about all of this, was the comments on i only subscribed to this forum to put that turtle dude's mind at easy that the gear he has, if in fact from pfi labs, is def good gear. i guess i felt bad that he asked that silly question and got flamed for it. it was a silly question, IMO, but i can remember a time when i first started using gear and i got some suspect gear. nothing can be more aggravating during a cycle when you're questioning your gear. i even encouraged him to run blood work. yet, one of your vets (dr. jim) couldn't resist the urge to flame me for it and call me a groupie? naturally, you get the ones that want to follow suit. no big deal tho, bc i could care less what any one thinks or says about me. it's said tho that people will use a person's rep points (or whatever you guys call it here) as a sterotype that they know nothing. once again, i joined this site just to comment on that one post to hopefully put that kid's mind at easy so he could enjoy his cycle. but the kicker for me, and it goes back to one of your key points, is that after dr. jim lit into me twice, i tried to speak my peace on the matter. my post was flagged and i was told it had to be reviewed by a mod in order to be posted. i've tried posting it twice and it has yet to post... where's the fairness in that?

    rep points mean nothing in terms of experience or knowledge. i am extremely active on my forum and very well respected. but, it is experiences like these that will really hinder you guys by driving out the more knowledgable people. people that actually devote their spare time into helping others.

    anyways, i appreciate your comments, and i respect the fact that you were objective and not condemning in them. i wish you guys the best here, but i do not see a future for me at all.
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    Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Many members here are very vigilant about 'outing' sources/reps that are covertly promoting sources out of their own self-interest rather than the best interest of board.

    Admittedly, many of the guys here assume that a newbie who promotes a source with his very first post is a rep. Nine out of 10 times they are correct. Unfortunately, this also means 10% are unsuspecting persons unfairly subjected to the wrath of the members for honestly sharing their experiences/reviews.

    Is this good or bad?

    On the one hand, it sends a clear message that this type of behavior is not tolerated on the forum. Such vigilance keeps other reps honest and discourages other reps from using these tactics in the future. This is good.

    On the other hand, good guys who are genuinely looking after the best interests of the community are unfairly demonized. This may discourage future members from sharing helpful reviews. This is bad.

    My own personal approach is to give all new member the benefit of doubt with their first posts.

    If there is a pattern of behavior (e.g. 9 out their first 10 posts promote or speak favorably of a single source) or if they disappear within a few days after promoting a source, then I feel more comfortable concluding they are dishonest reps for the source in question.

    Is my approach better? I don't know. I hate to see good guys unfairly attacked. But I also hate to see good guys taken advantage of by unscrupulous source reps.
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    mac111 Member

    this company is well known for supplying fakes and underdosed, that's why i posted. ppl think, 'jez, look at those cheap prices', cheap for a reason..........
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    Moose Member

    Which is exactly why this is the best forum. Period.
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    Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    I want to address this directly. The auto-moderation has nothing to do with any comments/opinions by any other members, moderators or admins.

    It is a feature of an anti-spam plugin called glowhost. It flags some posts from new members (with less than 10 or so posts) especially when they include a hyperlink to an external website.

    There is no connection between the glowhost automated actions and that of any member.

    BTW, I believe your posts have all been approved by moderators.
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    Millard Baker

    Millard Baker Member

    Thanks! I appreciate the support!
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    dossier31 Junior Member

    There are a lot of good sites out there. No doubt. There are also a lot that are not so good. I am loyal to the one I am most active in.

    I am not a rep for anyone. I am an ex personal trainer and nutritionist with an extensive educational background in the associated subjects. I began using AAS because of low t symptoms that had surfaced at the age of 29. By 30 I watched as my sex drive had completely deminished. After consulting with hrt specialists in my area, I started my ventures with AAS. I'm not a BB... I am the average guy seeking improved health and sense of well being. As I mentioned, I have a thorough background in various health/fitness related areas, and I thoroughly enjoy using that knowledge to help the next man.

    That is my sole purpose for posting in forums. I tend to have a soft spot for the newbs that don't know what they're doing or are being led astray. I was a newb once, and because I listened to a guy with 20+ years experience user his belt, I never fully recovered from my first pct. trt is the only option for me in terms of healthy stable levels. I don't know about you guys here, but I believe that with the proper guidance and mentoring, people can enjoy the benefits of AAS and still have children and longevity.

    I am not a rep for anyone. I do, however, have a decent amount of experience with numerous src's/vendors. I am def surprised to hear what I'm hearing about these guys, as my experiences have always been pleasant. Nevertheless, I have seen src's pumping out liquid gold turn to absolute shit. I read a lot of reviews time and again of how people have lost the euphoric effects, so they blame the gear. A lot, not all but a lot, of the time digging deeper into the persons cycle logs/history reveals an improper cycle. For this reason, I always encourage blood work to rule out all possibilities.

    I run my bloodwork 6 weeks into my cycle, at the end of my cycle, and 6 weeks after pct. if I have an issue with blood pressure for an extended period, I will run again to check RBC. I know EXACTLY where I am at physically bc the numbers do not lie.

    So, I encourage anyone that claims they have bunk gear from anyone to run the blood work and let the next man know without a doubt that the gear is shit. Otherwise, IMHO, the accusations are based on conjecture.

    Anyways... Enough of my rantings...
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    regular Member

    What self interest might someone have for outing a rep?
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    Mr. Joe

    Mr. Joe Member

    I believe Millard is referring to the rep as the self interested party, not the someone outing them.
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    mac111 Member

    company and the rep are the one person, anyone clown can see that.
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    regular Member

    I suppose it could read either way :)

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