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Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by balco, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. balco

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    Does anyone know the best way to quickly buy/send crypto on Android. I know of quick ways to send crypto on PC but I'm currently restricted to Android and need some advice.

    I know I shouldn't send crypto to seller strait from 1st wallet before anyone says anything

    I know this isn't the proper subforum but none that I could see fit the bill.
  2. LeoTC

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    Cash App if you can get it to let you add funds. Set mine up for a buy and fought with it for four days adding $5-10 at a time to buy crypto.

    Coinbase is easy, but they'll put a 20 day hold on your shit. So if the money hasn't been in your account for awhile already you're hosed until they say so.
  3. Jak3d

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    MyCelium is easy to use and you can purchase from a bunch of places on the app including credit cards. I haven't used the buy feature because it's only for Americans but the rest of the app is good too.
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  4. LeoTC

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    That's the wallet I use, didn't know I could buy right there.

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  5. balco

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    I just found that coinmama, the mobile site is good enough to use with Android. You can either purchase the coins and send strait to recipient or send to wallet then the source. I know the 2nd option is recommended. I used to "wash" my coins before sending out but by the time that wraps up the crypto usually loses way to much value.
  6. Dax

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    So with cash app you can buy and immediately use it? Or is there a waiting period as well.
  7. Mighty-mouse

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    Cash app is immediate but not as secure